7 Ways To Avoid Getting Zucced On Facebook

Department of Memes recently published a very popular article about the 7 Words You Can’t Say On Facebook. It addressed one of the main problems plaguing those with right-of-center opinions on Facebook: censorship.

Express a wrong political opinion and you will be postblocked, banned, and deleted. If some libshits or butthurt centrists don’t like an opinion you have, they can just report you enough times and zucc will eventually come down on you like a ton of bricks. (Unless you’re posting videos of explicit sex or people dying, then you’re usually fine.)

Here are a few pro tips on how to make yourself less of an easy target for the Zucc:

1. Multiple Alt Accounts

This is the first rule of shitposting. You will need multiple sock accounts. They can be in your real name or under a pseudonym, but you want to make them long before you need them.

Facebook will eventually try to ban all of your accounts by demanding proof of ID. If you use your real name on sock accounts, you can foil this almost entirely. Otherwise, we have heard reports of people sending grotesque Peepee Poopoo Pepes in and having success.

God Emperor Trump

In extreme cases, such as if you’re a devoted page admin or memelord, if you shitpost hard enough Facebook will track you by your device, IP address, and satellite geolocation to completely lock you out of their platform.

At that point you’ll need special skills to try to bypass their protocols that are too elaborate and probably unethical to be detailed here.

2. Don’t Attract Attention

Keep your head down in certain settings. Stay away from the 7 Words You Can’t Say On Facebook on your real accounts and only reveal your full power level in secret groups or private messages. Beware, Zuck can – and will – ban you even if you only use the words in secret groups thanks to his anti-free speech algorithms.

We’re not telling you to cuck out here, because literally every right-of-center opinion is potentially zuccable hate speech under the Facebook Community Standards, and obviously no one has any intention of censoring their personal opinions.

Just be prudent.

3. Support And Follow The God Emperor Trump Family

We are the only group of pages to successfully fight back against the Zuck to get a page republished after it was taken down by Facebook’s PC Police. In fact, we made it happen twice.

My personal page, Memelord For Hire, is still standing after multiple organized mass reports from various leftist and centrist groups, though it’s anybody’s guess how long I can cheat the zucc.

By continuing to read Department of Memes and buying official God Emperor Trump merchandise, you’re supporting the fight for free speech and pissing off leftists at the same time.

Stop A Commie

4. Don’t Participate In Facebook Surveys/Questionnaires

Facebook actively spies on all of its users through Google and logs every page and post you like in an attempt to determine your political affiliation.

Don’t help them out by giving them even more of your information. Make them earn every little last drop of metadata.

5. Use Messenger Group Chats Instead Of Facebook Groups

Closed or secret groups may seem safe, but Facebook’s algorithms can sniff out controversial opinions in even the most tightly regulated groups.

Messenger is still immune from word algorithms, and you can just as easily call your friends names and plot the destruction of Zuckerberg’s castle made of sand in a private chat.

6. LARP As A Liberal When Possible

Leftists are relatively immune from censorship since their opinions align with those of the employees at Facebook.

If you appear liberal, the chances of getting successfully reported go down significantly.

Not only that, Facebook will probably give you a boost in getting top comment whenever you post on a liberal page.

7. Never Give Up

The reason they fight so hard to censor our opinions is because are winning the culture war, and they are afraid that our ideas are so common-sense that people will agree with us. They want to keep us on the fringe.

We have to strive harder.

Share more memes, post more copypastas, drop more banter on cucks, and keep shitposting IRL.



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