7 Cucked Things Boomer Republicans Need To Stop Doing Immediately

The children of the Greatest Generation were wild in their youth, but nowadays they are around retirement age and make up a significant portion of the Republican base. While they are generally better than their aging hippie counterparts on the left, that’s oftentimes not saying much.

Here are some of the cucked counter-signalling activities that boomers engage in that are generally annoying and detrimental to political discussions.

1. Blaming The Kids For Everything

The millennial generation is woefully uneducated in economic policies and more degenerate and marxist than any generation before, but boomers would have you believe that’s because “kids these days are born real stupid! Back in my day…”


Not only do boomers LARP as the generation before them (the ones who won a World War, ushered in economic prosperity, and exploded the birthrate), but they refuse to take responsibility for endorsing the policies and reckless behavior that wrecked modern America.

They supported mass illegal immigration and job outsourcing, the expanding of Medicaid and Social Security, affirmative action and race guilt, more government involvement in education, and worst of all shipped their kids off to pro-communist schools and universities to get reprogrammed as leftist drones.

Take some damn responsibility, Fred and Gertie. The kids are only a product of the system, they didn’t create it.

God Emperor Trump

2. Not Understanding The Internet

Or meme culture.

Or satire.


3. Muh Virtues

Thank god for men like Senators Mike Lee and Ben Sasse who are true godly conservatives, unlike Donald Trump who has a filthy mouth and brags about his private parts and has fornicated with the opposite sex!

A lot of boomers don’t understand that the landscape has shifted and we are going to have Presidents who use Twitter, White House Comms. Directors who use profanity, senators like Kid Rock, and conservatives who may be non-religious, sex symbols, ethnic nationalists, or latent homosexuals.

The American people elected the first Republican president who is not affiliated with the Religious Right – though he is very patient and empathetic with them – and the septugenarians will have to accept this as cultural reality.

4. Stop Language Policing

After White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci called in to CNN and said those responsible for the White House leaks would have been hanged 150 years ago then went on to have an expletive laden interview with The New Yorker, boomer conservatives came out of the wood works saying it was terrible language, they were embarrassed by The Mooch, this incident was going to make them stop supporting President Trump, and on and on ad infinitum.

Stop doing this. No one gives a fuck about cursing but you, boomers. We all know you swear like a sailor in the right company, listened to George Carlin’s “7 Words You Can’t Say On Television,” and loved it when President Ronald Reagan shouted “God damn it, Pierre” at the Canadian Prime Minister during their shouting match.

Stop A Commie

5. Muh Traditional Conservativism 

Frogposters and meme farmers are the face of the right now.

Like it or not the age of National Review, Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, and Bush-era policies is dead. And will stay dead because it sucked big league.

Speaking of which…

6. Stop Defending The Bushes

They were terrible people who defended Islam, virtue-signalled against populism, were beholden to the deep state, and sent men and women to die in corporate wars toppling governments for Soros.

The most recent Bush to haunt America’s political scene, Jeb(!) Bush, called illegal immigration an “act of love” and received over $100 million from special interests in his failed campaign.

Literally the worst.

7. Muh Benefits/Muh Social Security

The amount of people who don’t realize or refuse to admit Social Security is a communist pyramid scheme is astounding.

There is no magical vault somewhere where the government stores up all the money that they’ve confiscated from you over the years. The young kids aren’t trying to steal your hard-earned benefits that you rightfully deserve because you were born earlier.

The money doesn’t exist, and you’re enslaving Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z to pay for your inability to understand when you’re getting screwed by the government.

Even in its best theoretical sense, Social Security is a redistribution system. And reality is it is a cancerous welfare program and a tax.

What you are being paid is not “your” money – that was blown like an NBA paycheck at a strip club on things like government social programs long ago. The money you currently collect is what is currently being extorted from later generations and driving us all bankrupt.

With today’s lifespans it would make much more sense to simply be a goddamn responsible adult and save your pay anyway, instead of entrusting it to the government with the promise of someday being subsidized by your neighbors when you become too old to work.

And enough with the senior discounts. Those are an expression of compassion, not a human right.

BONUS: Basically, Just Stop Being Cucks

We’d all be better off for it.



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