7 Most Cancerous Political Ideologies On The Internet

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Since the dawn of the internet, the preponderance of obscure political ideologies has increased a hundredfold. Everyone tries to find their own unique box to fit in, and if it’s edgy enough, it will accrue a following.

Let’s take a look at the most annoying belief systems on the interwebs.

1. R A D I C A L   C E N T R I S M

One of the most cucked cliques out there are the so-called radical centrists. The reason for this is it originated from angst-driven teenagers immersed in garbage-tier meme culture and is largely composed of male weedbros under the age of 25.

Though radical centrists claim to eschew political ideologies – “both sides are really dumb lol” – they are nearly 100% leftist teenage cucks hiding behind the thin veil of misunderstood nihilism.

As a side note, they are also responsible for the popularization of misspelled words and phrases – think “tfw to intelligent” or “i rate you’re page” – and should be physically removed for this alone.

God Emperor Trump

2. Lolbertarians

They need no description. You’ll find them smoking weed at a transgender bar talking about the evils of racism and strong borders, and the moral obscenity of having a functioning military and police force.

These are not to be confused with right wing libertarians. Think Christopher Cantwell.

3. Anarcho-Feminism

I’m not even fully sure what this is but they belong back in the kitchen.

4. Boomer Conservatism

We conducted a more in-depth shredding of boomers in another article, but suffice it to say it’s good thing that there will be a new Republican Party base in fifteen years.

From our earlier article: 

Stop A Commie

A lot of boomers don’t understand that the landscape has shifted and we are going to have Presidents who use Twitter, White House Comms. Directors who use profanity, senators like Kid Rock, and conservatives who may be non-religious, sex symbols, ethnic nationalists, or latent homosexuals.

The American people elected the first Republican president who is not affiliated with the Religious Right – though he is very patient and empathetic with them – and the septugenarians will have to accept this as cultural reality.

5. Natsoc/Fashy Goy

Now, I happen to know a few respectable and intelligent national socialists and fascists, but there is a major demographic problem of edgy teens and social misfits in the NatSoc community, enough to make it cancerous as a representation of nationalism on the public stage.

Socialism is also economically illiterate, and the red-headed stepbrother of communism.

Not to mention there are other issues in the world. Gynocentrism, third world invaders with sub-Saharan IQs, degenerates parading in g-strings through the streets, and Jeb(!) Bush’s still unreleased guac recipe, just to name a few.

Far less annoying are identitarians, who simply say white people deserve to have a place in society, pointing out the many homogonous countries throughout the world. And frankly they have a point. If Israel, Japan, China, South Korea, Libya and dozens of other countries are allowed to have Jewish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Middle Eastern ethno-states why should white people be allowed the same?

6. Pre-Reformation Swine

Not to be confused with “deus vult” posters, the sect of edgy internet Catholics who post about the glories of sharia law and “muh degeneracy”. They have an unhealthy and sharia-esque obsession with other people’s sex lives, perhaps a harbinger of their own struggles and involuntary celibacy.

7. (((Marxism)))

This is a broad group, and basically describes all members of the Democrat and Green Parties. If you vote for Democrats, you should be physically removed for the advancement of civilized society. Economic and social progress are stifled by left-wing policies and attitudes.

In some form or fashion, all six of the other ideologies are forms of leftism, that is, brutal social authoritarianism and captivity of the Western male.

All must be physically removed, preferably using helicopters.



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