7 Based YouTubers Who Will Restore Your Faith In Social Media

While YouTube’s parent company, Google, is a very pro-SJW organization, there are many YouTubers who speak out against the ridiculous things the mainstream media pushes out on a daily basis. Not only are they there, people are actually watching.

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Even though some of the channels featured on this list may not consider themselves conservative or even centered on politics, compared to the BuzzFeed and Huffington Post versions of liberalism, they are both sensible and entertaining.

#7: ShoeOnHead

ShoeOnHead is an anti-feminist YouTuber and a self-proclaimed “classical liberal” who is extremely disappointed with the left’s cringeworthy transformation into overgrown babies with access to firearms.

Most of her videos are centered around criticizing feminism, offering a normal woman’s perspective.

God Emperor Trump

Unfortunately, in the past couple of weeks, ShoeOnHead has retconned some of her ideas, and now considers genderqueer people as legitimate transgendered people.

Shortly after Vidcon, she publicly denounced anyone who held her only recently retconned opinion, and defended Riley Dennis (AKA the “if you don’t suck my dick you’re a bigot” guy).

Despite this, her channel has a lot of good content and she is worth a watch.

#6: H3H3 Productions

No, H3H3 Productions is not a strictly political YouTube channel. For the most part, H3H3 posts reaction videos to other content creators on YouTube and is often considered the “South Park of YouTube” due to the satirical social commentary on which they focus.

However, in recent years some of their social satire has focused on mainstream feminism/anti-male sentiment in the media, most notably making fun of BuzzFeed and MTV.

Having a YouTube giant like H3H3 pointing out these issues is extremely important because it shows that even politically-neutral public figures are getting fed up with PC culture.

#5: Toon

Anti-feminist YouTube channel Toon is fairly small, but has gained tens of thousands of subs in the past month alone. The host a pretty interesting guy, and he goes after all the big and small feminist and SJW YouTube channels. His personality is very energetic and all of his video’s are a joy to watch.

There’s not a ton else to say about Toon, we’ll just have to wait and see what this up-and-comer has for us next.

#4: Blaire White

What can be said about 4chan’s favorite trap? Blaire White is a right-wing transgender woman who approaches transgenderism and LGBT culture from a logical and grounded standpoint, something that is much needed nowadays.

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Stop A Commie

White openly proclaims transgenderism as a mental disorder (because it really is) and advocates for finding a cure, rather than pumping children with sterilizing puberty blockers and messing up their bodies for the rest of their lives.

White’s content is definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for a fresh perspective.

#3: Andywarski

Andywarski along with his friend Chris do a weekly show where they react to YouTube videos, similar to H3H3 Productions. However, Andywarski’s videos are specifically politically-centered, mostly focusing on mainstream media bullshit.

Andy and Chris also have a lot of other YouTubers on WarskiLive, including White and controversial pedophile YouTuber, Omnipolitics.

These guys are absolutely hilarious, and we’re all waiting to see when they finally get someone mainstream on their channel.

#2: Chris Ray Gun

Chris Ray Gun is another anti-feminist YouTuber who recently has started opening up a discussion with SJWs and feminists. He also created the well-produced and catchy music series Social Justice: The Musical.

Chris is now known to have a relationship with Laci Green, who is a sort of poster girl for modern internet feminism and may have recently been red pilled.

Despite dating a SJW thot, he has not changed his positions on feminism and social justice, and his content remains as politically incorrect and hilarious as ever.

#1: Sargon of Akkad

Most YouTubers on this list are humorous, focusing more on making fun of the regressive left and feminism, and none generally offer highly detailed and intellectual discussions. Sargon of Akkad does not fall under this category.

Sargon is a very intelligent and long-winded anti-feminist, who like ShoeOnHead, considers himself a “classical liberal” who despises the regressive left.

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Unlike the other creators on this page, Sargon’s videos are usually 30 minutes or longer, and as such they are best treated as a podcast and are best enjoyed while multitasking.

His videos cover all manner of topics, such as feminism, social justice, religion, the alt-right, and even international politics. Sargon is easily the most popular anti-feminist channel on YouTube, with over half a million subscribers.




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