7 Based Smackdowns From Trump’s ‘Alt-Left’ Press Conference

In the wake of the Charlottesville chaos, the President has been battered from all sides over what virtue-signalers would call a “weak response” to the violence.

He gave a first statement calling out violence on “many sides,” and then the next day singled out “the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists.” The first statement was called too vague. The second statement was called too late.

Then, he gave this immortal press conference from the elegant lobby of his old home, Trump Tower. And this time, he held nothing back.

What followed was an amazing spectacle of everything we love about President Donald Trump, bringing about flashbacks to what he was like on the campaign trail.

Here are 7 things to take away from that amazing press conference:

1. “You are Fake News”

God Emperor Trump

First and foremost, the press conference was loaded with continuous clashes between the President and the press. Following in the style of Jim Acosta, many reporters tried to score brownie points with their leftist colleagues by essentially debating with Trump, even interrupting him on many occasions.

But every time they tried to interrupt, he would shut them down quickly with “Excuse me,” among other things. He did not hesitate to call them out as fake news, dishonest, and failing to report the full facts about what happened, particularly in regards to his response, saying: “Unlike you, I like to know the facts first.”

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Trump has still not forgotten about how much of an enemy the media truly is, and this was by far his most combative press conference in recent memory.

2. Equal Opportunity Critic

After he gave the press what they wanted with singling out the idiotic white supremacists, he resumed with bashing both sides equally.

He pointed out that there were both good people on both sides, as well as bad people on both sides; he mentioned that despite some of the white supremacists getting violent, they at least had a permit to peacefully protest, while the counter-protesters showed up to cause violence first before the car crash happened.

He reinforced the importance of making such a broad statement, condemning both sides, by saying that he wanted to have all the facts first before making a statement regarding a particular group, rather than come out first with “a political statement” before fully knowing all the details.

3. Bashing John McCain

Image Credit: Harald Dettenborn

For a brief period of time, the name of traitor John McCain came up. When a female reporter asked the President about McCain’s statement – where he said Trump’s initial response wasn’t enough – Trump was quick to remind everyone that McCain was the one who voted against the repeal of Obamacare, and condemned Americans to “bad health care.”

He made sure to repeat this point several times, just to nail down the point that McCain has a habit of turning on fellow Republicans real fast.

4. Defending Confederate statues

Image Credit: Martin Falbisoner

The President made another crucial point that people seem to be forgetting: The original purpose of the Unite the Right march was to protest the removal of Confederate statues, from Robert Lee to Stonewall Jackson.

He voiced support for this particular cause, noting that this can easily lead to other statues and monuments also being removed, including Founding Fathers who owned slaves. He asked “George Washington was a slave owner, are we going to take down statues of George Washington?”

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Stop A Commie

He even asked a reporter directly if he liked Thomas Jefferson; when the reporter said yes, Trump responded by pointing out that Jefferson owned a lot of slaves as well. He reminded us of the dangerous slippery slope that is leftist revision of history.

5. Saving Steve Bannon

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, there have been more calls from stupid leftists – still believing the conspiracy theory that Steve Bannon is a white supremacist – for the President to fire his Chief Strategist.

Once again, the media seeks to spread the rumor that Bannon, who symbolizes most of the President’s most popular positions and the unapologetic rhetoric that won him the presidency, is in danger so that they can divide the President’s base. But in this press conference, when asked twice about Bannon’s status, Trump did not hold back: He described Bannon as “a good guy” and “not a racist,” pointing out the valuable role he played in the tough campaign.

The fact that the press conference was so combative, and included policy specifics such as infrastructure, also proved Bannon’s role in prepping for the presser itself, in addition to the President’s statement about Bannon himself.

6. Back to Infrastructure

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Throughout all this madness, the President has done everything he can to turn the conversation back to policy specifics.

At the press conference where the President singled out white supremacists, he also took time to talk about new economic penalties being enacted against China due to its unfair trade practices. In today’s press conference, he started off announcing new legislation to expedite infrastructure planning processes by cutting back on the bureaucracy. He held up a massive flow chart – taller than Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao herself – displaying all the different red tape routes that a proposed infrastructure project must go through.

This marks a return to one of the key policy issues that won Trump such broad support from Democratic voters in 2016, and could be a source of bipartisanship in Congress in the near future.

7. The Alt-Left

Image Credit: Ben Chun

This is by far the most important part.

In condemning both sides of the battle in Charlottesville, one reporter kept asking Trump about the “alt-right.” When he finally spoke the phrase himself, he asked the reporter to define “alt-right,” and then proceeded to say: “What about the alt-left?”

Describing the leftist counter-protesters who arrived with “clubs” and other such weapons and started fights in the rally, he asked “Do they have any semblance of guilt?”

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This was huge for two big reasons.

First, it pointed out the obvious hypocrisy of the media refusing to condemn such leftist violence while rushing to virtue-signal about right-wing violence.

Second, it finally gives us a mainstream term that can be used to encompass the worst of the far-left, from Antifa to Black Lives Matter, and other militant, violent left-wing organizations that have been burning entire cities to the ground for years now, from Ferguson to Berkeley.

It gives us a specific name for a broader enemy, just as the media has tried to pidgeonhole their boogeymen under the name “alt-right.” There is obviously no shortage of evidence for this violent group and their work, as they have relentlessly assaulted conservatives, and even journalists, on a regular basis at protests and counter-protests.

The media has tried to paint the entirety of the right through its worst people, so the President just did the same with the left.

This conference was classic Trump, the fighter Trump. He has proven that he is ready to fight the media, condemn the worst of his enemies, defend his allies, and stick to the issues that Americans care about. President Trump has come out swinging, and has proven once again that he is ready to overcome any and all obstacles that are thrown at him.



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  1. #7 is the biggest

    I’ve studied Trumps way with words for a long time and been involved in debating for well over a decade. The branding of all leftist violence under one banner is the most powerful weapon we have been given. Just look at how Shareblue is going crazy trying to stop it to spread. The number of shill/slide posting is off the charts, this stings them hard and they know the damage this term is capable of inflicting is catastrophic if it becomes mainstream.

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