5 Ways Donald Trump Is Like Jack Bauer

While he doesn’t spend his workday running around in the streets gunning down terrorists and corrupt government officials (as far as we know, anyway), President Donald John Trump shares some striking similarities with the fictional lead Jack Bauer of the long-running FOX drama 24.

1. Both Are Enemies Of The Deep State And Washington Bureaucracy.

God Emperor Trump

Trump infamously based the latter half of his presidential campaign on “draining the swamp in Washington,” a promise he continues to strive to uphold with unrelenting zeal.

Bauer’s methods differ, as he was often more likely to shoot scheming globalist dirtbags in the head, but both men share a disgust with the status quo in Washington and put their lives and family on the line to make a difference. Not to mention, both were also surveilled and targeted by a sitting U.S. President.

2. Both Are Alpha Males And Solid Family Men

Perhaps the most obvious comparison between President Trump and the fictitious Bauer is their raw masculinity as well as their devotion and loyalty to the ones they love. Both are proficient in the use of firearms, take no bullshit from anyone, and have beautiful, albeit liberal, daughters that they defend vigorously from globalist scum.

3. Both Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism And Support Enhanced Interrogation

Credit: Karl Gunnarsson

Trump invoked media comparisons to 24 with his strong stance on torture, maintaining (correctly) that it is a valid and useful method of extracting actionable intelligence.

Stop A Commie

He also has repeatedly condemned Islamic terrorism and refused to back down on his proposal to ban radicalized foreigners from our shores.

In a perfect world, Jack Bauer would be acting under the orders of a President Trump and taking down jihadist LOSERS across the country before they could inflict harm on innocent people.

4. Both Are Unfairly Persecuted By Politicians And The Liberal Media

The calls to throw Trump in prison or execute him for supposed abuses of civil liberties are markedly similar to those thrown at the fictional character Bauer.

In one episode, Bauer is called before a Congressional committee to be tried for being mean to Islamists, an echo of what cucks in the media and in Washington propose to do to President Trump.

5. Both Are /OurGuy/

If you were assembling a multiverse dream team to combat the communist scum of the current year, both men would be high-level draft picks. Their penchant for decisive action, political incorrectness, and triggering libcucks is a sterling example of what we as mere mortals can seek to emulate in both our shitposting and our everyday lives.



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