5 Recent CNN Screw Ups That Prove They’re Fake News

It’s no secret that CNN is the epitome of fake news, and their reputation has continued to plunge as they trip over their own stupidity. But despite their existence spanning many decades, it’s rather surprising how many times they’ve managed to shoot themselves in the foot within just the last few weeks, as if making up for 37 years of mediocrity with just a couple months of astronomical stupidity.

Here are CNN’s 5 biggest recent blunders.

5. You’re Fired! X2

Who could forget just a matter of weeks ago when CNN has-been Kathy Griffin decided that the best way to regain relevance was by posing for a photoshoot that would make ISIS proud? She came under instant fire for holding a bloodied mask of President Trump, obviously meant to symbolize his decapitation. With the imagery being widely interpreted as a call for his assassination, and extended fallout over reports that the imagery freaked out young Barron Trump, Griffin was fired from CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve special that she’s hosted for years.

But the gift of CNN imploding on itself wasn’t done yet. Around the same time, professional rock-throwing glass-house dweller Reza Aslan – who got famous for writing a book about Christianity even though he’s a Muslim, which only proved he had no idea what he was talking about – called the President “a piece of shit” and a “man baby” for his response to the London terrorist attack in June. As a result of this unflattering language, he too was fired from CNN just a little over a week after Griffin’s firing. As a result, his career of not knowing much about other religions was also brought to a halt, when his TV series about sampling various religions, “Believer,” was also cancelled.

God Emperor Trump

4. Comey’s Calamitous Corroboration

Back in the days when the media actually believed the nonsensical Russian narrative that they spent over a year pushing, CNN widely reported – thanks to its favorite usual source, “an anonymous person” – that fired FBI Director James Comey would testify, under oath, that he never told President Trump he wasn’t under investigation for wrongdoing. This was reported to stand in contrast with the President’s claim that Comey had told him, three times, that he wasn’t being investigated.

Surprise! Comey actually corroborated exactly what the President said, once again leaving CNN with as much egg on its face as that female Trump supporter in San Jose.

3. Scaramucci, Scaramucci, can you do the Fandango?

As if the Comey debacle wasn’t enough for CNN to get the hint that continuing to use “anonymous” as their favorite source wasn’t a good idea, Anthony Scaramucci came in like a wrecking ball. When CNN published yet ANOTHER story with a single unnamed source, claiming that the Trump advisor had ties to Russia and was the subject of a Senate investigation, Scaramucci threatened to bring down the hammer of law and sue them for over $100 million if they didn’t retract the false story after it was debunked.

CNN did so, and then in a 1-2 combo, the retraction was followed by three people involved with the story – two editors and one reporter – resigning over the incident.

2. Veritas Verifies Villainy

In the latest home run for James O’Keefe and his group Project Veritas, an extensive undercover series – currently consisting of four videos – has pulled the curtain very far back on CNN’s corruption, bias, and journalistic dishonesty. There was the original bombshell video, where CNN producer John Bonifield admitted that the Russian story is nonsense, but said that CNN covers it and pushes it repeatedly “because it’s ratings.

Stop A Commie

Then there was the sequel, where notoriously left-wing CNN anchor Van Jones declared the Russia story to be “just a big nothing-burger.”

Part 3 depicted another CNN producer, Jimmy Carr, calling the President of the United States “fucking crazy,” and disparagingly describing Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway as looking like “she got hit with a shovel.

The fourth part featured the return of Carr, who not only called American voters “stupid as shit,” but even surprisingly turned against one of his own; he directly criticized fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo (brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo), by saying that he “just can’t stand that guy when he talks; we’re like ‘shut up,’” and even asserts that others at CNN feel the same way. Because if there’s one thing more entertaining than bringing down the left, it’s watching the left eat each other.

If the tremendous influence of O’Keefe’s past videos – from the ACORN scandal in 2009 to the bombshell revelations of Democratic corruption in the 2016 election – are any indication, this could easily be the most damaging thing to happen to CNN in years.

1. Blackmailing a Reddit User

This one absolutely takes the cake because of the dangerous implications. For those who may remember, the world of the Internet was rocked by President Trump Tweeting out a GIF that was made by a Reddit user. The GIF depicted President Trump from his WWE appearance back in 2007, where he body-slammed Vince McMahon; the Reddit user in question had photoshopped the CNN logo onto McMahon’s head, thus giving it a whole new meaning and a whole new layer of hilarity.

But as if the media reaction to President Trump’s Tweet – and their claims that he was “advocating violence against reporters” – wasn’t bad enough, CNN has now aimed their sights directly at the Reddit user in question.

CNN managed to track him down, and after confirming his Reddit username – HanAssholeSolo – the network threatened to dox him if he didn’t release an apology. CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski confirmed that the user had issued “an extensive statement of apology,” but admitted that “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity” if they change their mind.

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This gives O’Keefe’s newly-coined CNN nickname of “American Pravda” a whole new meaning: They are now willing to go after a single random individual, an American citizen – who could very well be underage for all we know – and threaten to release his personal information to the world because he offended them.

This move drew surprisingly bipartisan criticism, from Vox’s German Lopez to Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire, from Republican Congressman Scott Taylor to the official Twitter account for Wikileaks. The threat drew similarly universal condemnation on Twitter, with the hashtag #CNNBlackmail quickly becoming one of the top-trending topics.

This latest, and perhaps biggest blunder by CNN yet should prove why the eventual destruction of CNN should become a widely-shared goal for freedom-loving Americans. Their bias was bad. Their lies about Russia and our President were worse. But when they have proven that they will unapologetically target and threaten individual American citizens, they have proven that they have no interest in the truth, or ethics, or moral decency, and are instead a truly threatening entity on par with the Mafia.

May this be the beginning of the end for America’s worst “news” network.



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