5 Reasons Why Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

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The theory that liberalism is a mental disorder was first posited by radio personality Dr. Michael Savage over a decade ago, and was met with widespread controversy, even by those on the right.

Fast forward to the current year, and this theory has become all but fact.

Radical Leftism is not an acquired disorder, but rather a form of brainwashing that turns people erratic and irrational and turns them into emotional wrecks.

Here are a few examples.

1.  Muh Fee Fees > Logic And Data

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God Emperor Trump

Liberals can only view the end result of a system. Crime stats are racist, wage stats are sexist, terrorism stats are Islamophobic, suicide stats are transphobic, and obesity stats are transphobic.

Deriving conclusions from experience and behavioral data is now a form of oppression to the minorities that make up the Democrat voting bloc.

2. The Race Justifies The Means

Of all the thought crimes that are the pinnacle of evil to the left, none is worse than “wayshizum.”

Curiously, only light-skinned people are apparently guilty of this great evil, and assault, defamation, murder, censorship, rape, and incarceration are all acceptable means to punish racists for their satanic thought crimes in the eyes of the leftist…

This is not social progress, this is societal retardation.

3. Leftism Makes You Ugly

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We wrote a great piece about this topic earlier, and it’s true.

From the article:

Stop A Commie

Feminism is a way for unattractive women to feel good about themselves, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, and the fat-acceptance, public nudity, ‘ghetto kweeeen,’ and a myriad other niché leftist movements are also vehicles to lift up undesired classes and turn them into voting blocks.”

4. Leftism Becomes A Substitute Religion

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Religion has been a driving force in humanity since the beginning of time, and with atheism becoming the mainstream of leftist thought, there is a spiritual void on the left that is all too often filled by communist ideology.

Government takes the role of god, cable TV personalities take on the role of priests, and the Political Right becomes Satan. The core religious dogma becomes climate change, “equality”, social programs, and cultural degeneracy.

5. Leftism Is A Suicidal Ideology

If you were to ask the average college hippie to trace back the roots of their ideology, the final step of their thought pattern is chilling.

Under the name of “progress”, the left seeks to revert to a system of borderless anarchy, uncleanliness, public indecency, tribalism, and ultimately genocide. The precedent of comminist regimes in the past is a dark one indeed.

Open borders and a weak military are the mantras of a death cult.

Ultimately, while conservatives also hold irrational or illogical beliefs, the left is the only political ideology that encourages wholesale destruction of rational thought in lieu of appeals to emotion and internalized degeneracy.

And that is the definition of a mental disorder.



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