5 Incredibly Common Things Communism Failed To Provide In The Soviet Union

This is a guest post by Aivaras Nekliuda, a former citizen of the Soviet Union and fan of God Emperor Trump who now resides in Lithuania. 

Let’s talk about communism.

I come from Eastern Europe, a place full countries that obviously prove socialism and communism do not work. After deposing their communist governments,  Eastern European countries, especially Baltic States, are now rebuilding and trying to gain the perks and benefits of Western Civilization after suffering under 50 years of the destructive, murderous and corrupt Soviet Union.

As someone who actually lived in the Soviet Union, I’ll keep it short – Soviet Union was one of the worst places to be alive. It was one big concentration camp for non Russian states which were occupied by Soviets.

However, this post will not be about the terrible living conditions, the mass killings, or the persecution of the Kulaks.

God Emperor Trump

Today I am writing about the simple things those retarded Western communists who claim socialism is paradise would have missed living in Soviet Union.


Yep, ladies and gents, the Soviet Union couldn’t provide the glorious Marxist state something as basic as toilet paper. Basically the biggest problem with communism is scarcity, and even though 5 year plans were reached in 4 years every time, were was a significant deficit of toilet paper. There was no possibility of going to the shop and purchasing toilet paper even if someone did have enough money. We had to collect all kinds of wastepaper and exchange it for ‘tickets’ which could be exchanged for household items, and only then you’d had just a possibility of getting toilet paper.

So what did people use instead of toilet paper? This will blow your mind. We used old newspapers.

The worst part wasn’t even the hard paper material, but the high concentration of lead in the printing ink. That led to a significant health problems, but it was best option to wipe your ass.


That’s no brainer. Communism wasn’t able to provide such a thing, so people mostly used old rags filled with dry cow manure because of its ability to absorb fluids.

Yes, people swaddled their babies in cow shit.


Stop A Commie

Meat was an item of luxury. My mom has many stories about daily life in Soviet Union, and most of her free time was spent waiting in queues for meat products. We all have been in a situation, when a checkout queue in local mall seems not moving, but imagine waiting 6 to 14 hours just for a couple of sausages and 1kg of pork. Yep, that was just casual weekend in Soviet Union.

Fruits such as kiwis, oranges, watermelons and other ‘exotic’ fruits only came to the Soviet Union after its collapse. It was impossible to get salmon, yogurts and similar foods. The only thing you could get were tangerines, once per year if very lucky.


Plastic bags were almost nonexistent, and it can be attributed to two reasons.

1.  The Soviet Union didn’t want waste plastic supplies for citizens, and instead it used all available plastics for military purposes, and

2. There wasn’t any need of for plastic bags, because shops in Soviet Union were mostly empty and you could carry everything home without a plastic bag.

It seems most Americans go to the big-box store, buy groceries, and then store their plastic bags within plastic bags for later use. This was unfathomable in the Soviet Union.


Every good socialist knows the Soviet Union was built on the principle of equality, so if a man doesn’t need a tampon so why should a woman need a tampon? Females that had to live in Soviet Union remember that nightmare of communism. And those women who survived the Soviet Union don’t talk about huge inequality of women, about massive wage gaps, about the fact, that women were basically just a domestic animal in Soviet Union, but about lack of basic female hygiene items.

Ladies had to use cotton balls, bandages and similar absorbent materials. As you might imagine, it was simply horrible and led to women becoming totally unproductive. During last stages of Soviet Union, where were some weird statistics from medics and how they have used 1 or 2 kilos off cotton balls (1 – 2 kilos of cotton is a lot, it’s in similar size as Fiat Multipla) just for one basic procedure of plastering broken arm, when truly they were padding the number in order to give women cotton balls for their monthly cycles.

This is the reality of the nightmare of communism. Shortages of every major household item we all take for granted. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may paint a rosier picture, but those who lived in the Soviet Union know the truth.




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