3 Ways To ACTUALLY Unite The Right

1. Don’t Scare Away Normies

Normies can be pretty annoying (looking at you, Kekistan posters) but they are the largest part of any major movement. The Right can never take back America’s culture if the community remains an elitist shitposting community in the dark edges of the internet.

The Baby Boomers and other normies have had a monopoly on Right Wing culture until very recently. They were not only out of touch with the needs of the common people, but also completely without humor or joy.

It’s time for a new generation of shitposters to step up and take back what is theirs.

God Emperor Trump

No one is saying that everyone should give up on inside jokes and obscure memes and philosophy. However, appearing hostile to people who might be discovering right wing ideas for the first time is a surefire way to turn them off faster than Trigglypuff ever could.

People enjoy Right Wing culture because it is fun and lighthearted. If LARPing as Kekistanis is a fun gateway to learning about real issues then we would be stupid to vilify normies for enjoying it.

2. Stop Stupid Infighting

Image Credits: Vas Panagiotopoulos, Lauren Southern, Tyler Merbler

“Milo? You mean the gay Jew? What a cuck!”

“Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones are both alt-lite CUCKS!”

“Lauren Southern? But I read on The Daily Stormer that she took a picture with a BLACK MAN!”

The Right is having a difficult enough time fighting the culture war. We hardly won the election thanks to the white Baby Boomer vote (it’s not an easy truth to admit, but it is true).

If we want to continue to win elections, we can’t constantly ostracize members of our own ideology because of minor disagreements or even slightly bigger arguments, like the debate on race.

Stop A Commie

At the end of the day, we want the same politicians, the same policies and the same country.

3. Stop Making Everyone Look Bad

We all saw the protesters at Charlottesville; suburban white men armed with tiki torches and Nazi flags. Perhaps they were not the majority as some say, but they were there, and they were there in force.

This is the shit that feeds directly into the mainstream media’s narrative, that all Right Wingers are racist white supremacists and that Donald Trump is the root of it all.

If Richard Spencer and his crew can stop being edge-lords for one goddamn minute, we can discuss good public relations and help recruit more members to our cause, namely Generation Z.

“White people deserve a place in society” does not equal people screaming “fuck ni**ers” repeatedly with cameras rolling. If leftists were screaming “fuck white people,” as they so often do, we would be repulsed and infuriated, and rightly so.

Fighting with the same tactics as our enemies is one thing, but going out and proving the media right is counterproductive, especially considering up until now their credibility had been all but completely obliterated.

Correction: We originally had reports that Brittany Venti yelled obscenities during the rally, but upon further research, we believe they were in fact coming people in her vicinity and not Venti. This can be heard in several of the chaotic live streams. Department of Memes takes full responsibility for this mistake, and we have reached out to Venti to try to rectify the situation.

We apologize to Venti for the misunderstanding.



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