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Julian Assange: Creepy Kurt Eichenwald Uses Fake Name To Review His Own Books On Amazon

The glorious tragedy that is the downfall of Kurt Eichenwald keeps getting more and more bizarre.

Department of Memes recently reported on Eichenwald’s Twitter meltdown, when he hurled some 30+ tweets at Wikileaks’ Julian Assange that became more and more nonsensical as they went on, finally culminating in pictures of trees. Yes, really.

Following the bizarre attacks from the beta cuck “journalist” that labeled Assange a child rapist and agent of Putin, Assange fired back with documents that indicate Eichenwald used a false identity to write glowing reviews of his own novels on Amazon.

According to Assange’s evidence, Eichenwald used the pseudonym “Andrew MacDonald” to publish ridiculously fawning assessments of two different books he wrote in 2000 and 2005.

In the reviews he heaps bucketfuls of adulation on the books, even unironically posting “Full Disclosure: After reading The Informant, I emailed Eichenwald with some praise, have swapped messages with him over the years and actually like him.”

“McDonald” goes on to attack the numerous negative reviews of the book, claiming those who didn’t find it entertaining were “obsessed” with Eichenwald and were spreading mass “ridiculous accusations” against him.

This would be a new low for a man who infamously embarrassed himself on Tucker Carlson’s nationally televised show, and then later inadvertently tweeted out his love of anime tentacle porn then blamed it on his family.

Since Assange’s response, Eichenwald has removed the section of his Twitter bio listing himself as a “senior writer” at Newsweek, causing speculation about his future state of employment.

We can’t wait to see the next installment of this internet tragicomedy, as it undoubtedly will result in Cuckenwald getting BTFO during another one of his bizarre, self-destructive episodes.

If there is one thing we can learn from this episode, it is this: Do not fuck with Wikileaks.

Seizure Boy & Tentacle Lover Kurt Eichenwald Mocks Julian Assange On Twitter

Kurt Eichenwald, the same man who viewed child pornography 22+ times and sent thousands of dollars to child traffickers (don’t worry, it was work related), was caught browsing tentacle porn (don’t worry, it was family related), and sued a Twitter user for posting a gif that caused him to have a seizure (he wasn’t taking his medication and had been drinking), spent the entire weekend trying to bait Wikileaks’ Julian Assange into responding to him on Twitter.

Assange, who has been a prisoner in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years to avoid being arrested for what he maintains are false rape accusations, did not take the bait by responding directly, but perverted Eichenwald still looks like an unhinged lunatic.

All totaled, Eichenwald unleashed over 30 tweets badmouthing Assange in his Twitter meltdown. These are some of the highlights.

After saying he was done, he proceeded to keep impulsively tweeting at Assange.

Naturally, Twitter users mocked Eichenwald for being a low life piece of shit and a hack journalist.

Assange’s responses themselves were literally perfect.

No wonder Eichenwald is in full meltdown mode.

I think our readers will agree with us when we say: Holy fuck, what a low life piece of shit. Seriously, Eichenwald is the exact reason people hate and mistrust journalists.

He’s a degenerate, he thinks he’s immune to criticism, he drinks his own Kool-Aid, and he doesn’t know when to shut his fat, ugly mouth.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Says CNN Didn’t Even Blackmail The Right Person

Image Credit: Cancillería del Ecuador

After dragging their own reputation through the mud by doxxing and blackmailing a Reddit user who made the wrestling meme tweeted by President Trump, investigative journalists at Wikileaks believe CNN blackmailed the wrong person.

According to their team, the gif posted by Trump was longer and featured audio, while the gif posted by HanAssholeSolo was silent and shorter.

CNN was able to find, locate, and blackmail this poor guy and they didn’t even get the right person.

BuzzFeed also analyzed the gif:

Someone downloaded the GIF that HanAssholeSolo originally posted to Reddit. Then that person cropped it to better fit a video player like Facebook or YouTube. Then they went through the effort of syncing it back up with audio from the original clip. Then that person put it somewhere where Trump or one of Trump’s people could see it and download it. Then whoever found the video version had to get it to Trump’s phone.

In other words, even if HanAssholeSolo originally made the gif, President Trump almost certainly did not lift it from Reddit or know anything about the user. The whole idea that Trump is somehow complicit to HanAssholeSolo’s allegedly racist and antisemitic Reddit posts is completely blown out of the water – Trump and his team did not take it from Reddit.

Also, while conflicting reports indicate HanAssholeSolo is either a 15 year old kid or a young man in his 20s, CNN literally blackmailed and doxxed him for no reason.

They got the wrong guy.