WATCH: NFL Loser Josh Norman Says ‘I Hope Trump Don’t Be Around When I See Him’

Image Credit: Keith Allison

Josh Norman is the latest professional athlete to join the ranks of Trump-haters after he made the remarks in a grammatically nonsensical interview.

The level of disrespect and degeneracy shown by the thug children who get paid millions to run around in tight pants grabbing each other and holding balls has reached a level that, frankly, makes the final product unwatchable.

A classic example is Washington Redskins corner-back Josh Norman, who is perhaps best known for being physically and verbally raped by the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, as well as being a cowardly and dirty player who whines like an autistic schoolgirl about the officiating in post game press conference.

God Emperor Trump

“Just telling you right now this man is not welcome here in Washington D.C.,” Norman told reporters in a post game interview. “Nah man, one brother . . . you mess with one, you mess with us all.”

The budding philosopher added, “Don’t nobody was divided in this, we was in unity.”

Wow. Intimidating. The “brothers” – who apparently cannot even recite the English language correctly – are really teaching Drumpf a lesson by kneeling for him like peasants.

“He’s not welcome here,” Norman continued. “I hope he don’t be around when I see him. I can say dat to your face, you’re not welcome here . . . you picked on the wrong people, sorry man, I’m just bein’ honest.”

Stop A Commie

Dez Bryant’s whipping boy also made a point of saying that the protests were not about the flag: “It’s not about anything like that. It’s not about black and white. It’s what we’re bein’ faced with right now, and that’s bein’ teared down . . . from inside the White House . . . behind this podium, the presidency of the United States of America, somethin’ that’s free.”

Like most of his peers, Norman was incapable of stringing a semi-intellectual or understandable string of words together.

Another professional athlete, LeBron James, recently told the media he “don’t think a lot of people was educated” about President Trump before the election.

Definitely the sort of people we should be turning to for serious political and social commentary on the important issues of the day.



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