Man’s SJW Girlfriend LARPs As Muslim Black Feminist On Facebook

A man who needed to use his girlfriend’s laptop accidentally found the fake profiles she uses to impersonate blacks and Muslims on Facebook in order to win arguments about race while participating in a series of Facebook groups known as “leftbook,” which the poster says is an “agglomeration of about a dozen different Facebook groups.”

She did this behind his back for five months before being discovered.

After the strange and startling discovery, the boyfriend went to Reddit’s r/Relationships to ask for guidance on how to confront his girlfriend on the schizophrenic behavior.

God Emperor Trump

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“She sets these fake accounts up so she can argue with people on the internet and use them to make her arguments valid, almost every single comment starts with ‘well as a black woman…’ or ‘as a Muslim…’ and then she writes stuff,” the poster continued, “one I even saw she made a post about police brutality, then some guy disagreed with her, so she logged ONTO HER OTHER ACCOUNT and commented agreeing with the status. Basically talking to herself.”

What the actual fuck.

Being Reddit, most of the responses to the post are exactly what you would expect: other leftists saying what she’s doing was wrong because it’s basically wearing blackface or something.

However, some of the comments were more poignant when dealing with the issue. However, because the subreddit is heavily moderated, many have since been removed and can as such some can only be found on the archived version of the post.

Stop A Commie

Remember the “leftbook” group? This is one of their memes. It serves as a particularly low energy reminder that the left simply cannot meme.

What do you make of this utter insanity? Is this really a thing that leftists are doing now, or is this a fringe group of particularly devoted and brainwashed lunatics?

We’re honestly shocked but not surprised. As Department of Memes is fond of reminding our audience, leftism is a mental disorder.

You can read what’s left of the heavily moderated Reddit post here.



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