Why Concern Shills Don’t Get Trump’s 4D Chess

“Not gonna lie, former Drumpf supporter here. It’s f***ing hilarious watching him crash and burn. But seriously guys we can’t let him get the nuclear codes.”                          – 4chan copypasta

Foreign policy and healthcare are two issues that seem to draw the most ire from Deeply Concerned ‘former Trump supporters’.

God Emperor Trump

This usually manifests itself in the form of what is commonly known as concern trolling, as in the case of the copypasta at the top of the article. The people who spread these ideas are commonly assumed to be agents of various leftist websites.

But concern trolling affects much more than communist operatives. Many Trump supporters can be roped into believing this tripe and in rare cases temporarily or indefinitely bluepilled on the Trump election.

This stems from a fundamental lack of understanding in the way Trump operates, commonly known ‘3D or 4D chess’. These tactics generally involve baiting or antagonizing the media into falling for a false flag Trumpian narrative that is intended to distract from his real objective.

Common examples include tweets attacking various members of the press or government, provoking mass outrage ehile key legislation is swiftly and stealthily enacted under the media’s unknowing nose; or seemingly contradictory foreign policy. Examples of the latter include Trump threatening to pull out of NATO and the UN to leverage more favorable budgets for the US, or directing a missile strike on a deserted airbase in Syria (the latter causing mass pandemonium among the more alt lite members of his base).

Controlled opposition and easily influenced concern shills also rage against Trump’s favorable stance on Israel, the only progressive democracy and economically viable Westernized ethnostate in the region.  (A lot of this stems from Russian and Iranian propaganda outlets).

Stop A Commie

Overall, it doesn’t take high intelligence to read most of Trump’s 4D chess, but a much more important attribute.


Trump has teased a presidential run since 1988. He briefly flirted with the idea in 2000, and again in 2008 and 2012. But he waited until the perfect time to make his move.

Whenever the President says something seemingly outrageous or contradictory, one need only wait a few hours or days to see the plan fully swing into motion.

Concern shills BTFO.



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