The New Standard: Journalistic Juggernaut Bravely Takes On 15-Year-Old Reddit User

In a ever increasing dirty laundry list of dubious behavior and ethical bending, CNN, one of the worlds top reporting conglomerates, stooped to a brand new low by doxxing a someone who is allegedly a 15 year old Reddit user and threatening to release his personal information. I seriously wish I was joking about this right now.

God Emperor Trump

Reddit user HanAssholeSolo claimed responsibility for the gif that president Donald trump tweeted. Angered by this, CNN journalists took the time out of their lives and misappropriated the skill set of investigative journalists by reading the young man’s Reddit posts, finding his Facebook, going through his public posts, tracking down found contact information and his physical location, making contact and coaxing him to apologize under the thinly veiled threat of the exposure of his offline identity to the real world to which CNN is quoted as saying “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of [his promise not to make fun of CNN] change.”

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This was not a simple legal dispute of the use of a trademarked logo, no, this is a major news network making an example out of somebody who happens to be a 15 year old boy having fun on the Internet.

CNN’s message is simple: if you don’t do what we like, if you don’t listen to us, we will crush your reputation.

Listen and obey, and if you retaliate we will hide behind the first amendment and the laws of libel and slander while we libel, slander, dox, and blackmail you into compliance.

Stop A Commie

CNN is no longer a company that employs journalists. They are no longer concerned the unbiased reporting of the truth. This became apparent to many through their treatment of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, and now it has been underscored as a result of this blackmail and doxxing.

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They are a propaganda juggernaut and are for all intents and purposes the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984.

This opinion piece was written for Department of Memes by James Matherson.



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