CUCKED BY INTOLERANCE: Why Democrats Can’t Win

Credit: Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump keeps winning. The God Emperor keeps beating the corrupt media, the Democratic Party, and the narrative that the right wing is based on intolerance.

See, that’s the problem with the fringe communists running the DNC. They have no concept of inclusivity. “Diversity” no longer bears any meaning besides dark skin and a bitchy attitude.

God Emperor Trump

The Trump Coalition was the first right wing movement to open its arms to all patriots. A campaign that supposedly only pandered to homophobic Nazis was championed by Milo Yiannopoulos, a race-mixing gay Jew; Diamond and Silk, a pair of empowered and opinionated black women; ‘Lion Ted’ Cruz, a Canadian immigrant of proud Cuban heritage, and plenty of other diverse personalities like Canadian atheist Stefan Molyneaux and transgender YouTube star Blaire White.

But the most important part of the coalition was the demographic that actually represents most of the country.

White people.

That’s right, Fake News Media. Beautiful, pale-skinned, coffee-drinking, chauvinistic, (mostly) heterosexual, cuck-slapping white devils with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks.

And the Hillary Clinton campaign choked heavily on the collective white schlong of this demographic in their blowout electoral loss.

Stop A Commie

The truest type of diversity is intellectual diversity. The DNC and their cronies in the fake news media ignore this. They throw out white gays for not wanting BBC, women for wanting to raise children with high-IQ partners, blacks for rejecting the stupidity of BLM, legal immigrants and their children for not being America-hating moochers, and even avowed SJWs like degenerate YouTuber Laci Green for simply hanging out with anti-feminists.

The left refuses to realize that tolerance is a two-way street. A party that endorses intellectual bigotry and white genocide does not get to claim the moral high ground against anyone, Nazis or otherwise.

And that’s what drives people away from them in droves.

Until the left truly embraces tolerance and diversity, they will continue to lose.

And the Republican winning streak will never be broken.



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