6 YUGE Victories Orchestrated By The God Emperor Trump Facebook Page

God Emperor Trump is the largest America-based meme page in support of President Trump that isn’t normie filth as of July, 2017.

From humble beginnings in December of 2015, the page has grown to over 300,000 beautiful patriotic ‘likes,’ and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Looking back, here are some of our proudest accomplishments.

1. Uniting The Base

Three hundred thousand Trump supporters. Over a quarter million whether normie, alt lite, or alt right, have come together under the banner of God Emperor Trump to celebrate the glory of God Emperor Trump, meme magic, and freedom of speech. No other meme page can claim this unique title.

God Emperor Trump

2. BTFOing Antifa

When the craze of Antifa first started, the communist groups started attempting to mobilize on social media to spread their propaganda.

God Emperor Trump brought awareness to this by sharing their low energy posts, allowing our fans to saturate the terrorist pages in memes and shitposts. At least one such page, Boston Antifa, was ultimately removed from Facebook for promoting and attempting to organize violence (the real kind, not the “hate speech” kind often censored by Facebook).

3. Defeating Lyin’ Ted 

Before Lion Ted, there was Lyin’ Ted, and he was strongly supported by a significant (misguided) portion of the Republican base.

Through memes and satire, GET was able to sway voters to the side of Trump, and gladly accepted Cruz when he asked to help in the Donald’s campaign against Crooked Hillary.

4. BTFOing Zucc (Twice)

God Emperor Trump is the only major page to survive multiple mass report attacks by the haters and losers.

Both times the page was zucced, patriots stood firm and demanded justice. Thankfully, alternative media powerhouses including Alex Jones’ Infowars and The Gateway Pundit came to the defense of the page, and neither the page admins nor their allies stopped until Facebook bent the knee and restored God Emperor Trump to its former glory.

Stop A Commie

5. HWNDU, BTFOing Shia

During /pol/’s historic battle with failed human Shia LaBTFO, God Emperor Trump kept thousands of supporters informed of the latest news about the most expansive game of capture-the-flag in history.

There is no doubt that God Emperor Trump played a crucial role in breaking Shia and his stupid art project, and memeing his downfall for all the world to see.

6. Helping Daddy Get Elected President And BTFOing Hillary

This was always God Emperor Trump’s primary goal, with the secondary goal being exposing and BTFOing cucks. This goal was definitely carried out with relentless and surgical precision. By far our most BIG LEAGUE victory to date.

BONUS: Start the Right-Wing Buzzfeed (hint: you’re reading it)

We know what we are, but unlike BuzzFeed, we refuse to lie to our readership to make shekels.

God Emperor Trump’s mission is still ongoing, and despite the frequent attacks by haters and losers from the left, cuckolds, and much smaller low IQ meme pages, we will continue to hold the line against the zucc and the communist hordes.


Editor’s Note: Memelord for Hire, the author of this post, is a separate page from the God Emperor Trump family, but he is a quality shitposter and contributor to God Emperor Trump, as well as the second major writer at Department of Memes. He should be lauded for his original content and witty banter. You can find him on Facebook. 

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