5 Ways To Stop Being A Normie Pleb

1. Realize Deus Vult Is A Meme

Yes, the crusaders were completely justified in their actions after years of Muslim invasions of Europe and the greater Christian world.

God Emperor Trump

No, you’re not going to grab a broadsword and head to Jerusalem any time soon.

2. Take The Redpill On The White Genocide Situation

It’s real, it’s happening (and if you want to see the endgame, look at South Africa), and it has to be acknowledged as a problem before we can move on to other topics.

3. Stop Sharing Normie Republican Memes

Demo-Rats are da real rayciss XD! Abortion is rayciss! Tanks Obummer!”

Stop A Commie


4. Start Watching Alex Jones

I don’t care if you’re so normie you have to watch him on mute, just feasting your eyes on this man will raise your testosterone levels, and he ends up breaking news six months or more before Breitbart, Daily Mail or Fox News pick up the story.

5. Focus On The Real Issues

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Immigration, the economy, the 2nd Amendment, and foreign policy are the main reasons we elected Donald Trump.

He has no control over healthcare bills in  Congress, net neutrality is a scam, and most social issues should be left up to the states.




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