3 Reasons Why Thots Can’t Handle Trump

Log into social media at any time of the day and you will see flower crown/dog /cat-filter skanks shilling their vapid and unwanted political opinions. “Omg Drumpf is such a racist white pig ?? lol don’t mess with me I’ll f#@k u up”.

Shut up and put on some clothes that fit, ya damned thot.

God Emperor Trump

Women who oppose trump are invariably insecure and wholly unoriginal in their bovine recitation of shallow and vapid political catchphrases. Here are some reasons they can’t handle a pimp like Trump.


Though Trump is noted for being very soft-spoken and courteous in person, there is no doubt that he is always top dog in the room. Women know this and and gravitate towards him naturally, whereas the lower-tier skanks know they’d never have a shot (we’ll get there later.)

Jealousy breeds rage.

Trump is the epitome of what the modern feminist dream opposes. He’s a strong white man who built a business empire due to capitalism and started a beauty pageant that only accepted attractive women and judged them based on patriarchal beauty standards.

Rush Limbaugh’s claim that feminism is a system to help unattractive women feel good about themselves is born out in the outrage feminist hags have about Trump, who isn’t afraid to call them out for being fat, repulsive, unattractive, and obnoxious.


Stop A Commie

Donald is perhaps the most outspoken member of the Thot Patrol within American popular culture. Gold-diggers know men like him are their worst enemy and that protégés of his are much more like to see through their wanton thottery than the average thirsty beta male.

Perhaps Trump’s most epic patrolling was his tweet about Arianna Huffington.


Trump is undeniably a very sexual figure, and the majority of women recognize this across the political spectrum. The only difference is that feminists are deeply ashamed of their inner longing to be vigorously grabbed by the nether regions and then summarily pounded by the fabled Trump Tower.

Due to Trump’s aforementioned high standards and penchant for thot patrol, however, these women know they’d never have a prayer of getting the Donald into bed.
This breeds rage and projection, and provides plenty of blood rage and triggering and thus more material for us to point and laugh at the feminist movement and their pitiful self-projection of sexual dysfunction onto those with whom they disagree.

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