Wikileaks Proves Zuckerberg Lied, Leaks Email Between Facebook’s COO and Hillary’s Staff

Image Credit: newsonline, Brian Solis

After President Donald Trump tweeted that Facebook was against him during the campaign, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg claimed the social network was impartial. Zuckerberg’s statement was called into question after emails between Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer were posted to social media by Wikileaks.

Multiple emails were sent between Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Sandberg clearly expressed she wanted Clinton to win the election, and noted her willingness to help the campaign in any way possible.

Wikileaks posted different posts to Facebook and Twitter, each containing suspicious correspondence.

God Emperor Trump

The first email chain occurred in May and June of 2015. After receiving an email expressing condolences from Podesta, Sandberg expressed her desire for Clinton to win.

And I still want HRC to win badly. I am still here to help as I can. She came over and was magical with my kids.

The second suspicious commication is an email chain between Podesta and Sandberg. Podesta noted that 2015 was a difficult year for the Clinton campaign, and said their progress would not have been possible without Sandberg’s support.

Wishing you a happy New Year. 2015 was challenging, but we ended in a good place thanks to your help and support. Look forward to working with you to elect the first woman President of the United States.

Sandberg replied to Podesta that she was “thrilled at the progress Hillary” was making.

Stop A Commie

President Trump posted on social media that Facebook was always against him politically.

Soon after, Zuckerberg published an official response in which he claimed that Facebook was totally impartial.

Both leaked conversations were part of the famous Podesta email leaks. While Democrats frequently say the email leak was in fact Russian hackers, it is general consensus in the intelligence community that the emails were released to the public after someone with access sent them to Wikileaks.



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