WATCH: Berkeley Antifa Attacks Other Antifa for Being White

Antifa is beginning to destroy itself as a Hispanic woman was caught on camera yelling at another member of Antifa for being white, telling him he is inherently racist because it is “in [his] DNA.”

The radical Alt-Left organization Antifa has reached peak racism as they told a white member of Antifa it was time to stop being “performative” and start physically punching Nazis, or else he was not truly being a “white ally.” The white man was shocked at the accusation, and tried to explain that he had been “fighting” for months. The Hispanic woman chased him away, telling him he was inherently racist due to the color of his skin.

Speaking jibberish she probably heard from a college professor, the Hispanic woman laid into the white man as the video begins, telling him “if you’re really an ally, like you just punch allies, you risk going to jail for the fact that they have the platform.”

God Emperor Trump

We really don’t know what she meant either, but she just kept going.

“Don’t even give them the satisfaction of having, just punch.”

The white man, a lanky man with a bandanna covering his face, then started to ask the woman a question, beginning with “Are you seriously?”

He was immediately cut off by the Hispanic woman, who said she is “seriously telling [him] to do the work.”

“Punch a Nazi. Stop being performative,” said the woman.

Attempting to respond, the white man then tried to tell her that he has been part of the Antifa movement for several months. She is completely deaf to his explanation.

“Punch a Nazi. Stop yelling about it. Be about this shit if you’re a white ally.”

Stop A Commie

He again tried to reason with the angry woman, telling her that he has “been fucking fighting for like three months,” and that he puts himself at risk for the movement all the time.

Realizing he is unable to reason with the woman, begins to walk off. This only enrages the Hispanic woman more.

As he walks away, she yells toward him.

“You’re not an ally! Punch a Nazi! The performative shit is done.”

“Beat their fucking ass if you’re an ally.”

The video concludes with the white man walking away, and the Hispanic woman continuing to belittle him because he is white.

Her final diatribe is a racist rant against white people.

“You’re still responsible. This is your fault. You’re inherently racist. It’s in your blood, it’s in your DNA.”



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