George Takei Blames “Russian Bots” For Sexual Assault Allegations

George Takei at Phoenix Comicon. Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

George Takei blamed increased web traffic in the wake of the sexual assault allegations made against him on “Russian bots” trying to smear him.

Takei stands accused of drugging and groping then-model Scott Brunton in his Los Angeles residence in 1981. He claimed to have no recollection of the events Brunton describes, and denies ever meeting the man. Takei then went on a Twitter rant in which he blamed the Russians for the allegations.

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Takei deleted the tweets, but Twitter users were quick to take screen shots.

In the first tweet, Takei reveals that there was a sudden uptick in his popularity on Twitter. He then blames this on Russian bots. While it may seem more likely that Takei, who has been in the public eye since the 1960s, might become very popular after being accused of attempting to date rape a model in the 1980s, Takei is certain that “Russian bots” are spreading the claims to “amplify stories containing the allegations” against him.

Takei then sent a followup tweet in which he claimed to face similar “Russian bot” attacks after he criticized the anti-LGBT policies in Russia.

While Takei’s most devoted fans reportedly seemed to believe the tweets in the original post, the remarks were viewed as tone deaf, inappropriate, and absurd by his critics.

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It is entirely possible that Takei will eventually be absolved of the sexual assault allegations against him, but blaming “Russian bots” for the story quickly backfired for the octogenarian.



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