‘The Root’ Author Claims All White People Value Animals More Than Blacks

A columnist for GQ and The Root claimed white people place a higher value on the lives of animals than they do on the lives of black people.

Damon Young, editor-in-chief of ‘Very Smart Brothas,’ a subsection of TheRoot.com, made this stunning claim in an article dissecting a viral video of a man saving a rabbit from wildfire in Southern California, calling the act, “everything wrong with whiteness.”

The video has been video millions of times across many websites and platforms, and has drawn the praise and admiration of viewers across the world.

God Emperor Trump

After mockingly describing the circumstances of the harrowing ordeal, Young writes, “It’s also maybe the whitest thing I’ve ever seen. And these eyes have seen the pinnacles of whiteness, including a pretzel-and-pepperoni casserole at a holiday potluck when I was a teacher and the peak Appalachian tailgates outside of Heinz Field whenever Kenny Chesney is in town. But not only is it the whitest thing I’ve ever seen this week—it manages to synopsize everything problematic about white people on both a macro and micro level in 30 seconds.”

Young – presumably a ‘very smart brotha’ – expresses his incredulity that many Republicans might reject the premise that ‘global warming’ is responsible for spreading these wildfires – or that many believe the radical environmental agenda may be completely fraudulent, despite U.N. official Christiana Figueres openly admitting that it is a weaponized propaganda campaign designed to annihilate capitalism and redistribute wealth on an international grand scale.

Or perhaps Young does understand what Figueres confessed in 2015, as he goes on to assert, “colonialism and aggressive industrialism have had an adverse effect on our environment. And I also know that this is a byproduct of manifest destiny—an existential edict ingrained in white people where they believe everything belongs to them.”

Stop A Commie

In the end, Young puts all his chips on the table.

“But when witnessing the act and the fawning over the bunny rescue, I can’t help juxtaposing the feelings expressed about this bunny with the feelings generally expressed when black people are in grave danger,” he writes. “…the lives and well-being of animals seem to be considered—by many white Americans—much more precious and much more deserving of protection and care than the lives of black people. Shit, I have no doubt that if the aliens from Aliens somehow landed in Brooklyn, N.Y., and were shot on sight, there’d be more white people upset about that than about Tamir Rice.”

Interestingly, while a man named Caleb Wadman has identified himself as the rescuer in the video, a second individual – Oscar Gonzalez, has also taken credit for the act of bravery.

The Daily Mail favors Wadman as the actual man in the footage due to supplementary evidence, but they concede that Gonzalez may have also saved a rabbit from the wildfires, which begs the question: Would Damon Young write the same article about Gonzalez, calling his modest heroism “everything wrong with brownness”?



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