PURGE: God Emperor Trump Disappeared From Facebook (Press Release)

God Emperor Trump Deleted Purged Facebook

As we enter into Day 10 of The Zuckening, God Emperor Trump creator and admin Tom Pappert shares his latest email to his Facebook contact.

With a contact at Facebook but minimal answers, we have only been told that Facebook is investigating the circumstances surrounding the deletion of God Emperor Trump and the rest of our pages. We have been waiting for Facebook’s Content Team to investigate since Friday afternoon.

Today we wrote Facebook with the questions we believe every conservative Facebook user is wondering.

Our email to Facebook is below:

Good Morning  [REDACTED],

God Emperor Trump

Thank you for your work at finding answers regarding the total Facebook purge of God Emperor Trump.

We are 10 days into this purge. At this point God Emperor Trump, God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back, God Emperor Trump’s Inquisition, God Emperor Trump III: Resurrection, God Emperor Trump IV: Return of the Emperor, God Emperor Trump (Official), God Emperor Trump (Official) II: The Emperor Strikes Back, God Emperor Trump (Official) III: Inquisition, and God Emperor Trump (Official) IV: Awakening have all been deleted or unpublished by Facebook, what has been called “The Zuckening” by Big League Politics’ CEO Patrick Howley.

I am still taking calls and emails from journalists and fans who want to know the fate of God Emperor Trump. Our corner of the conservative coalition has been relieved to learn a representative from Facebook has been regularly communicating with us. The general consensus is that this is both encouraging for Department of Memes LLC’s situation, and as a reassurance from Facebook that the communities, friendships, and businesses we build around Facebook pages matter.

It is very hard for us to imagine a scenario in which we are not being targeted for our conservative political views. We have had our page deleted or unpublished many times prior to this. At the end of each of the previous instances, there was always a reasonable explanation from Facebook as to why it happened. Initially it was a bug in the system, the second time an accidental deletion, the third it was Facebook protecting us from hackers. This time we are being given very little information.

At this point, if you are able to help us, we would like to know where we stand with Facebook.

1. What is the fate of God Emperor Trump? – I understand Facebook is confused about how this page was deleted or removed. Can the page be recovered? If not, what happened to it? It seems as if the company that located millions of users and friends of users who took a Facebook quiz and had their personal data sold to Cambridge Analytica should be able to find out what happened to a Facebook page a few days ago.

2. Why were our other pages taken down? – No content was removed from the pages, and none of us were given “Session Expired” notifications or temporary posting restrictions from Facebook. The pages were simply unpublished with no reason, and the only reason we can ascertain is that they have been “mass reported.” We have dozens of screenshots of Facebook users bragging about “mass reporting” our pages.

Stop A Commie

3. Are we to be permanently banned from Facebook? – Any time we make a new page or group, it is almost immediately taken down. We love Facebook. We focus on this platform because it is the most fun, engaging, and relevant to us. Thus, we persist. However, if we are to be banned from the platform, we will take our business and talents elsewhere.

4. Is conservatism allowed on Facebook?

I know you are working hard on our behalf, but as time continues to pass, this becomes more pressing to us. Our business is at a standstill because we cannot effectively advertise our products. Our community is in disarray, desperately clinging to a Discord server to communicate with friends they made on Facebook.

Meanwhile, journalists continue to learn about alleged plots for Facebook to “purge” conservatives, and are beginning to wonder if the situation with God Emperor Trump may have been the first casualty.

Because I want our fans to know I am actively working on this, and will never give up on the community we created, I intend to publish my email to you on our website, the Department of Memes Facebook pages, and elsewhere on social media.

Thank you for helping us. As I said in a prior email, I realize this is all rather unorthodox, and greatly appreciate that because of your presence we are able to take these sensible steps before escalating the situation unnecessarily.


Tom Pappert
Department of Memes, LLC

Tom Pappert is available for comment via phone, email, Skype, or Facebook. Contact him at tom@departmentofmemes.com



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