New White House Petition: Declare ‘Black Lives Matter’ A Domestic Terrorist Group

Day 6 of the Ferguson riots. Image Credit: Loavesofbread

Department of Memes recently reported on a White House petition that aims to declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his organizations’ assets under RICO and NDAA law. Said petition has reached the required threshold of 100,000 signatures to merit an official response from the White House as of Saturday morning.

God Emperor Trump

In the course of researching that story, we happened across another White House petition that seemed newsworthy.

This particular petition has a simple stated goal – to formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a domestic terrorist organization.

The attached statement reads as follows:

“BLM has been consistently present at rallies and protests across the USA and even the world in which they have been attacking police and citizens. They are known to use weapons and are commonly seen in rank with ANTIFA. WE THE PEOPLE are tired of their intimidation and scare tactics and are genuinely afraid. Our first amendment rights are being squashed by groups such as this. We should not be in fear of our lives to practice free speech. And we should not be afraid to encounter them because of their racist views. And neither should our law enforcement officials. We the people petition congress to act and formally declare BLM domestic terrorists and stop their reign of terror.”

As of the time of this article’s publication, this particular petition has acquired nearly 10,000 signatures in 11 days.

Stop A Commie

Whether it will reach the 100,000 threshold within the mandatory 30-day period remains to be seen, as it has received little media attention thus far.

A similar petition to name Antifa a terrorist organization reached over 330,000 signatures in under a month, possibly leading Trump administration to refer to the Alt-Left group as a domestic terrorist organization in leaked documents.



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