Never Forget: One Year Ago Today, Hillary Clinton Passed Out And Lost Her Shoe

Presidential failure Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 ceremony in New York on September 11, 2016. This led to possibly the worst moment of the entire campaign for the then-struggling candidate.

She left the event early, barely able to walk. Her assistants were checking her pulse on the street. She almost collapsed, and had to brace herself against a cement pillar. When her ride finally arrived, her medical assistant basically threw her into the vehicle and it speed off – leaving Clinton’s shoe lying on the sidewalk.

God Emperor Trump

While the fake news media was stereotypically silent about Hillary’s health issues, the alternative media had a field day. From Breitbart to Gateway Pundit, journalists covered Hillary’s constantly evolving health scare from wall to wall.

First, Clinton’s campaign maintained that allergies were bothering her. Then, they said she overheated in a the temperate autumnal weather of New York. Finally, the campaign said she had pneumonia, but not the contagious type.

After being rescued by the mysterious black van, Clinton was taken to her daughter’s apartment, where she later emerged just in time to hug an African American child who just happened to be walking down the street in the upscale New York neighborhood as Clinton left the building.

The ambiguity and ever changing story led journalists in the alternative media to seek out advice from physicians, who claimed to believe Clinton had Parkinson’s disease.

Stop A Commie

An article on Mike Cernovich’s Danger and Play blog was simply titled “Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s, Physician Confirms”:

“She has had clinical symptoms for a minimum of 4 years, and probably much longer, given that the fall leading to her head injury required a significant progression of the disease. All of her bizarre physical actions since that time fit nicely into the spectrum of signs that we expect in PD. And since PD explains all of them, we have a high probability of a correct diagnosis. It has almost certainly been treated with levodopa. Some of her symptoms may be related to this drug treatment.

It is most curious that all of the bizarre physical signs seem to be in 2016 videos. HRC was a public figure in 2015, with a lot of campaign work underway. Yet all of the oddities seem to be within the last several months. This suggests a significant progression of her PD. We also know that her contact with the public has been rigidly controlled. She has not done news conferences during the campaign. These would be highly stressful to a PD sufferer and would elicit many PD signs.”

The event also lead to countless memes and videos mocking the candidate.

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