Based Motel 6 Allegedly Calls ICE On Illegal Alien Guests – Report

According to a report by the Pheonix New Times, the comfy motel chain Motel 6 is suspected by butthurt immigration attorneys of informing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials about illegal aliens who check in to the budget hotel chain’s locations.

God Emperor Trump

This story is the epitome of Big if true!

Under President Donald Trump, the lawful procedures on identifying and deporting criminal migrants are enforced more often and more successfully than ever, and the newfound enthusiasm to send lawbreaking swine back to their home country may have stretched to companies as well as individuals.

According to the Phoenix New Times:

Stop A Commie

A Phoenix New Times review of court records found that between February and August, ICE agents made at least 20 arrests at Motel 6s, showing up roughly every two weeks. (Since many of the documents we reviewed contained only vague details about where ICE encountered an individual, the actual number is likely even higher.)

[Unofficially], employees at both locations said it was standard practice to share guest information with ICE.

‘We send a report every morning to ICE — all the names of everybody that comes in,’ one front-desk clerk explained. ‘Every morning at about 5 o’clock, we do the audit and we push a button and it sends it to ICE.'”

If accurate, it would a welcome relief to see U.S.-based corporations and their employees complying with the government to help enforce federal immigration law.

Unlike companies that hire cheap illegal labor or grandstand against President Trump’s America First policies, those that comply with the law are not only siding with the rule of law, but are also helping make the U.S. safer and more rewarding to live in for its citizens.

There are rumors that I.C.E. is paying up to $200 for information leading to the arrest of illegal immigrants, but those are unconfirmed at this time. What is known is that regardless of who sends in tips or cooperates with them, I.C.E. will continue to enforce the law:

“Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, a spokesperson for ICE’s Phoenix division, declined to comment on whether the agency is in the habit of reviewing hotel guest lists, or investigating tips sent in by Motel 6 employees.

‘I wouldn’t be able to confirm how we are getting our information. Those are investigative techniques that we wouldn’t be able to talk about,’ she said.

‘If hypothetically we were somewhere — if we did administratively arrest some folks — that happens all the time. We conduct targeted enforcement operations every day.'”



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