Megyn Kelly’s New Show is a Big, Fat Mess: Cameraman Says “Sh*t” on Live TV

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Megyn Kelly’s new program, Megyn Kelly Today, has received widespread criticism for Kelly’s lack of tact with her interview subjects, and now the program has hit a new low as a camera man wandered into frame and loudly whispered “shit” live on live television.

Kelly left Fox News for NBC in the aftermath of her famous spat with President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, where her new Sunday Night premiered to horrible ratings and poor reviews from both sides of the political spectrum.

God Emperor Trump

Even after these setbacks, Kelly has soldiered on, determined to get back into the spotlight with a new Monday morning hosting gig during an hour of the TODAY Show.

Unfortunately for the blonde news diva, this show has thus far been her least successful yet, as proved by something that happened this week during an interview with women’s soccer star Carli Lloyd. As reports:

“As we predicted this morning, it was only a matter of time until viewers of Megyn Kelly Today were going to be exposed to another cringeworthy interview to suffer through. Like clockwork, the show experienced another headline-making moment mere hours later – but to Kelly‘s credit, this time wasn’t really her fault. During an interview with decorated American soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Carli Lloyd, a member of Kelly’s crew inadvertently stepped into frame while Lloyd discussed what had changed for her since scoring her famed game-winning goals.

Lloyd began her answer to Kelly but was soon obscured by a cameraman stepping into frame. ‘It’s been a whirlwind, you know? But I think what’s been most fascinating is -‘ The crew member quickly noticed his mistake and loudly whispered ‘sh**!’ before shifting back out, which was seemingly acknowledged by an eyebrow raise from Lloyd.”


While this particular incident was out of Kelly’s control, she has already created numerous gaffes during the relatively short run of her show.

Stop A Commie

In one instance, while interviewing the cast of the recently revived NBC series Will & Grace, Kelly managed to offend the cast members as well as millions of Americans with a joke that was deemed “homophobic” and led to one cast member posting on Instagram that she regretted going on the program, and that TODAY had not told the cast they would be interviewed by Kelly.

Kelly’s joke was that an audience member, who said he was a long-term fan of Will & Grace, chose to become gay – and pursue a career as a lawyer – because of the program.

Kelly also raised eyebrows after questioning actress Jane Fonda about her use of plastic surgery during another interview.

Meme farmers on boards like 4chan’s /pol/ and Reddit’s r_thedonald have theorized that Megyn Kelly’s fall from grace is the result of “meme magic” and the “Trump Curse,” the latter of which is a theory that celebrities who attack President Trump fall under a career-ruining or life-ending curse unless they repent of their degeneracy.

We won’t speculate on that here, but suffice it to say that the future looks bleak for Megyn Kelly Today.



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