WATCH: Deluded Hillary Claims She Called FEMA, Sent Navy to Puerto Rico

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton sounded completely delusional in a recent MSNBC interview in which she claimed to have called FEMA and urged the U.S. Navy to sail to Puerto Rico.

Clinton may have been live action role playing during her 10-minute interview in which she trashed President Trump repeatedly and suggested she is acting as shadow president of the country.

God Emperor Trump

“It’s like being a criminologist. You’re a Trumpologist,” Clinton began, “I’ve watched him quite closely.”

Clinton declared that Trump “clearly doesn’t want to talk about Puerto Rico,” referring to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico was left without power and in disrepair after the devastating storm.

“3.5 million American citizens, along with the Virgin Islands,” Clinton went on. “Not interested. Doesn’t say a word about it.”

Clinton then went on to say she personally called FEMA.

“Now, FEMA is down there. I called on them to send the Navy, particularly the naval hospital ship called US Comfort.”

The host did not seem to think this was a strange piece of information that required a follow up, and instead steered the conversation back toward bashing the president.

Stop A Commie

She also went on to repeatedly claim the president is attacking black athletes, apparently vaguely referencing President Trump’s condemnation of the national anthem protest sweeping the NFL.

In a recent rally, President Trump said the team owners in the NFL should forbid players from kneeling during the national anthem. He then continued his attacks on Twitter through the weekend and into Monday morning. Potentially due to its audience’s fatigue with the protests, the NFL’s ratings have been down considerably this season.

Ironically, President Trump tweeted about Puerto Rico shortly after her interview.

Now that Clinton has “come out of the woods” to sell books between the toilet paper and paper towels in Costco, we may be fortune enough to see more of her strange, tense interviews in which she appears to believe she’s president.



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