Harry’s Razor Blade Bashes ‘Toxic Masculinity’ on International Men’s Day

Subscription razor blade and shaving company Harry’s is coming under fire for a new video bashing “toxic masculinity,” released on International Men’s Day. 

Harry’s is the latest company to join the ranks of organizations pandering to SJW-culture with a new video released Sunday night on social media, which many viewers feel unfairly bashes men. Harry’s, however, claims its video is only critical of “toxic masculinity.”

The video features phrases like “man up,” with a red line to signify that they are hurtful, and reinforce “toxic masculinity.” The video does not attempt to define “toxic masculinity.” It ended with the phrase “it’s time for a new definition of masculinity.”

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On Facebook the video has nearly 400,000 views, but less than 1,000 reactions. Most of the popular comments are critical of the shaving company’s video, which prompted the company to respond to several comments, insisting the video is not an attack against all men.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Harry’s posted a longer and even less coherent statement on the version of the video posted to Twitter. Users on Twitter, it turns out, were no more pleased by the sudden pandering to SJW lunatics by the shaving company.

And because Harry’s didn’t learn its lesson on Facebook, they responded to many of their critics on Twitter as well, and were excoriated in the replies.

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Other users claimed they are switching to similar subscription razor companies, including Gillette and Dollar Shave Club.

Harry’s is only the latest example of conservatives discovering the power of bad publicity and boycotting when it comes to brands and companies parroting leftist propaganda. Conservatives famously boycotted Target stores when they pushed transgenderism in their stores and advertisements, as well as breakfast cereal company Kellogg’s when it pulled its advertisements from conservative news websites.

As conservatives continue to make brands pay dearly for alienating millions of Americans, perhaps these companies will think twice before allowing the Soy Boys running their social media operations to post liberal propaganda.



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