PRESS RELEASE: God Emperor Trump Page Hacked, Stolen Using Flaw in Facebook Security

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Hacked Stolen
God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Hacked Stolen


January 8, 2018

God Emperor Trump, a conservative page with over 315,000 likes, was hacked and stolen using a sophisticated phishing scam that utilized Facebook’s own servers on the afternoon of January 8. We believe this phishing scam was only possible because of a security vulnerability in Facebook’s website.

God Emperor Trump

While responding to a business inquiry from someone claiming to represent the Facebook page of “Born Realist” (a page with 3.2 million likes), they directed me to create a Facebook Business Manager account, providing a link at the same time.

Rather than following the link, which lead to, I removed the /xxxx, and made the account from there. (xxxx representing the long link they sent me, this is not the actual address)

This website was identical to the Facebook Business page; all of us had no reason to believe we were being deceived.

Upon entering my account information, I and the rest of my team were immediately removed from the page, unable to access it. Most of us were able to change our passwords in time to avoid further issues, but some of us were not quick enough, and their accounts have gone dark. We do not know if their identities have been compromised, but this could be identity theft as well as page theft.

We now have a screenshot of our page up for sale on a seedy Indian/Pakistani website.

Please be warned, these individuals are banning our fans for mentioning the fact that we were hacked. If you were banned, we ask you to inform us so we can unban you in the event we regain control of the page.

I have notified the FBI, local law enforcement, and my State Attorney’s Office. They are taking all available actions. However, all of them suggested contacting Facebook directly.

Stop A Commie

It is of the utmost importance this information is spread quickly. Facebook is the only entity that can fix this.  The more attention this issue receives, the more likely we are to regain control of the page.


Adam Rogers, page creator

Adam is available via phone, Skype, text, and any other form of communication.

Screen shots of all evidence are stored and available to journalists upon request.



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