DREAMERS BTFO: Trump Kills Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty Under DACA

It is finally done. After several months, President Trump has followed through on one of his biggest campaign promises: President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty program DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has just been rescinded.

God Emperor Trump

The program tried to enact amnesty for over 800,000 illegal aliens who came to the country as minors, with the justification being that they weren’t responsible for the actions of their parents illegally bringing them across the border.

Naturally, this assault on the rights of American workers and trampling of the Constitution was never going to last. Had President Trump not rescinded it, it was doomed to die in court anyway, since 10 states were planning to sue the federal government over the program’s unconstitutionality.

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Also, as a major victory for American citizens and national sovereignty, the left has – obviously – gone full salt over the news. Obama himself, frustrated as the last few remnants of his legacy continue to be killed off by Trump, responded to the announcement by calling it “a political decision” rather than a legal one, and said that targeting “these young people is wrong, because they have done nothing wrong.” Except coming here illegally.

Stop A Commie

Finally, making the most out of the decision, President Trump added another caveat to the rescinding: He directly challenged Congress to come up with a better – preferably legislative – solution to the immigration problem, giving them six months to get their act together…which is about as likely as Hillary coming back and winning the 2020 election.

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Make no mistake: This is a clear win for the MAGA agenda, and the American people at large. Law and order is being restored, and the constitutional processes of law-making are getting the respect they deserve.



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