62 Conservative Theologians Tell Pope Francis to Stop Spreading Heresy

The 62 signatories accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy in a 25-page ‘filial correction,’ an act not seen since 1333. 

A number of conservative Roman Catholic theologians, priests, and academics have formally accused the ‘Cuck Pope’ Francis of spreading fiendish heresy and sent a sternly-worded correction letter to his office last month, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Several dozen tradition-minded Roman Catholic theologians, priests and academics have formally accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy with his 2016 opening to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics.

In a 25-page letter delivered to Francis last month and provided Saturday to The Associated Press, the 62 signatories issued a ‘filial correction’ to the pope — a measure they said hadn’t been employed since the 14th century.”

God Emperor Trump

It’s telling that a pope would be seen as so despotic and degenerate that literally ancient measures would be enacted to try to get him back in line.

Pope Francis is already considered the most controversial pope in recent history, with his aggressive shilling for Marxism and open borders as well as his bizarre worldview, where he on one hand believes transgender people are ‘terrible’ and waging a war against humanity, and on the other says Muslims go to the same heaven as Catholics.

Regardless, his shit doesn’t appear to be flying with the religiously inclined.

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“The letter accused Francis of propagating seven heretical positions concerning marriage, moral life and the sacraments with his 2016 document ‘The Joy of Love’ and subsequent ‘acts, words and omissions.’

The initiative follows another formal act by four tradition-minded cardinals who wrote Francis last year asking him to clarify a series of questions, or ‘dubbia,’ they had about his 2016 text.

Organizers said the last time such a correction was issued was to Pope John XXII in 1333 for errors which he later recanted.”

The veracity of the charges will surely be up to the most knowledgeable Catholic theologians available, but given the Francis’s penchant for spreading cultural blasphemy and the well-sourced and accredited arguments of those who sent the letter . . . well, one can safely assume that where there’s holy smoke, there’s fire.

At a time when the Catholic church is more religiously and morally divided than ever, it would appear that Francis has little desire to remain faithful to the traditions of his faith or the wishes of his flock, and many are starting to revolt.

Naturally, neither the Vatican nor Francis himself have responded to the letter, but many are hopeful that there will eventually be mass public outcry against the pope and the paradoxical revisionism and extremism that he promotes as Gospel whenever he leaves the Vatican.



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