‘Commie LT’ Said He’s Part of Communist Infiltration of US Institutions on Reddit

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New digging reveals Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone, currently under investigation by the U.S. Army for posting photos supporting communism while in uniform, wrote that he is continuing the subversion strategy called “the long march through the institutions.”

New information about Rapone’s active social media presence reveals he considers himself part of the communist infiltration tactic.

In a thread on r/ChapoTrapHouse titled “Post here about how you want to be more like Chelsea Manning,” Spenser commented that Manning’s “courage and tenacity” gives him the strength to “continue the long march through the institutions.”

Image Credit: Reddit
God Emperor Trump

The term long march through the institutions was coined by a student activist in Germany when detailing his strategy for creating a communist revolution, which largely depended on “subverting society by infiltrating institutions

Rapone also indicated that the goal of the community should be to write their own text on guerrilla warfare “in the days ahead” when referencing Che Guevara’s “Guerrilla Warfare” and Marx’s “Das Kapital” in another r/Socialism thread in January.

He also celebrated Vladimir Lenin and was excited by the prospect of violent revolution.

Based on his Reddit comment history, it appears Rapone became a communist some time around April in 2015. Before he began posting in various communist and socialist boards, Rapone frequently posted about professional wrestling.

Stop A Commie

Rapone’s tweets went viral on Monday morning, as they appeared to show Rapone advocating communism while in uniform.

One tweet contained an image of Rapone wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform.

The second showed Rapone with “communism will win” written on his uniform.

After the photos went viral, public outcry led West Point to distance itself in a press release. West Point also revealed the Army is investigating Rapone’s behavior.



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