Someone Sent a List of Illegal Immigrants’ Names, Crimes to Everyone in Their City

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A letter containing the alleged home addresses of illegal immigrants and a list of crimes they allegedly committed dating back to 2008 was sent to over 3,000 residents of the city of Burien, Washington last Thursday, KIRO 7 News reports.

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The letter also included the names of candidates that the townspeople should vote for if they value safe streets and freedom from migrant crime, and was circulated by Respect Washington, a statewide activist group seeking to stop illegal immigration.

The letter was circulated in response to the removal of Proposition 1 from the Nov. 7 ballot, denying Burien citizens the ability to vote on whether the city should remain a “sanctuary” for criminal aliens.

Respect Washington states that during their drive to get Proposition 1 on the ballot, an illegal alien and DACA beneficiary by the name of Salvador Diaz-Garcia brutally raped and bludgeoned a 19-year-old girl in the gym of her apartment complex. The nature of the crime was unusually bloody, savage and depraved, but was not reported in the local news until a full month after it occured.

Respect Washington was spurred to action by the refusal of King County officials to report or even acknowledge that Diaz-Garcia was one of the much-adored Obama-era DREAMers, a fact eventually uncovered by Fox News.

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KIRO 7 News reports that the King County sheriff, who has come under fire for playing politics and protecting illegal aliens by withholding arrest information, was outraged by the letter circulated by Respect Washington last Tursday and derided it as “unfounded” and “inciting fear.”

Under the circumstances, it would appear Burien residents have every right to fear the results of sanctuary policies that enabled a piece of shit like Diaz-Garcia to commit an unspeakable crime against a young woman in the supposed safety of her own apartment complex.



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