Woman Wears Trump Hat in Hollywood: Assault, Alcohol Thrown in Face

Credit: Blaire White / Facebook

4chan’s trap queen was left bloodied and soaked in alcohol Saturday night after two separate attacks by leftists on Hollywood.

The popular YouTube vlogger and social commentator was filming a social experiment video for her YouTube in which White and her boyfriend would take turns wearing red Make America Great Again hats in different parts of Los Angeles.

White started filming in West Hollywood, the so-called “gay area” of Los Angeles, and received barely any negative attention despite walking around in the red hat for sometime.

God Emperor Trump

Having been pleasantly surprised by the mostly neutral reactions they received, White and her boyfriend took their experiment to Hollywood Boulevard, a much rowdier section of the city. White noted that she was scared at this point in the video.

The next section of footage shows White and her boyfriend standing in the midst of a raucous protest scene, with anti-Trump demonstrators chanting vulgar slogans. There is a brief scuffle, and White is shown diving into the crowd of protestors to retrieve her boyfriend’s stolen MAGA hat.

After police separate the pileup White emerges bloodied and missing a fingernail, and accusing an obese neckbearded individual in a pink vagina hat of stomping on her hand. It is unclear whether the police make any arrests following this altercation, as the footage then jumps to a still-shaken White filming a video outro on the sidewalk.

Just after White identifies the person who stomped on her hand as a “male feminist,” an unseen passerby hurls a container of liquid into her face and scurries out of view. White’s boyfriend doesn’t give chase, and instead tries to comfort White, identifying the liquid used in the attack as alcohol.

Stop A Commie

White posted a Facebook status about the attack Saturday night, which has received a fair amount of attention.

Neither of the two alleged attackers has been identified, and many conservatives are expressing outrage that even a soft-spoken transsexual is not free to walk through a liberal city in a MAGA hat without fear of being viciously assaulted.



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