5 Victims Finger Louis C.K.: Comedian Corners Women, Masturbates

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Less than 24 hours after Department of Memes wrote about the rumors surrounding Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct, including accusations by legendary comedian Roseanne Barr, the anti-Trump comedian has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women.

Four of C.K.’s accusers made their accusations publicly: Dina Min Goodman, Abby Schachner, Julia Wolov, and Rebecca Corry all allege that C.K. masturbated in front of them, asked to masturbate in front of them, or masturbated himself while talking to them on the phone. A fifth accuser did not want to be named publicly.

God Emperor Trump

C.K.’s publicist is not replying to media inquiries regarding the event, and The Daily Mail claims another publicist told the newspaper that C.K. “would not respond to their reporting.”

One of the accusers, Corry, claims that C.K. asked if he could follow the comedian to her dressing room and “masturbate in front of” her. After she refused, she claims C.K. apologized and told her “he had issues.”

Roseanne Barr, who has been pressuring C.K. to come clean about his behavior for over two years, told The Daily Beast that the “allegations [against Louis C.K.] have been leveled and talked about for years.” Barr added that she does “not have first hand knowledge, though have heard women make these allegations.”

Department of Memes covered Barr’s allegations in great detail less than 24 hours before C.K. would be accused publicly by four women, and anonymously by another.

Stop A Commie

In anticipation of the stunning revelation, the screening for C.K.’s upcoming movie “I Love You, Daddy” was abruptly pulled only hours before it was to occur. The controversial movie, both written and directed by C.K., deals with a father’s pain as he watches his 17-year-old daughter fall in love with a 68-year-old filmmaker.

Via Hollywood Reporter:

C.K. shot the film entirely in secret last June. He also financed the project and edited it as well. Dave Becky of 3 Arts produced the film alongside C.K., Vernon Chatman, Ryan Cunningham and John Skidmore. Tony Hernandez executive produced.

The film generated controversy following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. TIFF programmers had screened it and given I Love You, Daddy a world premiere after C.K. surprised Toronto organizers, letting them know the film existed.

C.K. also had his appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” was canceled only hours before the story broke.



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