Department of Memes and God Emperor Trump partnered with AAF Nation, a veteran owned company that has the most patriotic and American clothing the world has ever seen.

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Meme War Veteran

God Emperor Trump and Department of Memes are happy to offer this Meme War Veteran t-shirt. Leftists will tremble when they meet you and realize you fought in the Great Meme War, the greatest battle for our country and civilization in a generation.

“We few, we happy few, we band of shitposters; For he to-day that shares his meme with me Shall be my fam; be he ne’er a cuck”

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USA vs. Dumbfuckistan

The precise version of the Red Vs Blue map is further proof that the right man has won the job. I guess Hillary won the popular vote, although this graphic shows otherwise. Hail to the Chief.

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’90s God Emperor Trump

It’s Trump in his prime.  1990’s style, baby!

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