WATCH: Polish News Media is Brutally Honest About Islamic Terrorism

While the media in the United States is constantly called out by President Trump and Republicans for being “fake news,” the Polish news media is brutally honest about the realities about Islamic terrorism and Muslim immigration.

The news report featured in the video takes place not long after the London terrorist attack back in July, which saw several Londoners killed or wounded.

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The program’s host begins the program by starkly telling the camera “the perpetrators of the London terrorist attacks are a 27 year old born in Pakistan and the other, whose age is not published yet by Scotland Yard, with Moroccan-Libyan origin.”

While these basic facts would already cause heads to spin in the United States, she then moves on to the groundbreaking part of her report.

“Muslim immigrants are becoming a danger to Europe, not only because of the terrorist threat,” the reporter told her viewers, “Assimilation with local environments, which is a topic often discussed by Western politicians and advocates of immigrants, is fiction.”

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If someone tried to say any of this on CNN the network would surely suffer from unexpected technical difficulties and lose the feed. Still, she continued.

“The facts are that Muslim immigrants are launching their own kind of cultural invasion on our continent.”

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The video goes on to discuss the often ignored spike in terrorist attacks and activities during the Islamic month long celebration of Ramadan. The holiday requires all Muslims, including children as young as 12, to fast during the day and only eat and drink at night.

Comments from Polish users seemed confused as to why Westerners found this news reporting unique.

“I’m from Poland and these news seem normal to me, so I’m curious, what does the western media say about all of it?” Asked one user.

Another confirmed the authenticity of the subtitles.

“I can confirm the subtitles are 100% correct, and so is the news regarding this topic. Very sad the Polish media is being called out for “broadcasting government-controlled lies” over here since Poland got a new parliament. Coming from a native Polish speaker living in the Netherlands all life long.”

One user managed to concisely express how most Americans feel about Poland as we learn about their continued resistance to Islamists and left wing degeneracy.

“The Polish deserve more respect for this from other countries in Europe.”



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