Sweden Rivals Mexico and Italy in Shootings, Grenade Explosions

Image Credit: Storbrix
Image Credit: Storbrix

Sweden has become a center of crime in Europe in recent years, and Swedish officials insist they have no clues as to the cause of the spike in shootings and grenade explosions.

A new study suggests that Sweden now has “four to fives times as many fatalities” as other European countries Norway and Germany, and now compares to historically crime ridden communities in southern Italy.

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“Sweden is rather in parity with southern Italy,” criminologist Joakim Sturup told Swedish public radio station Sveriges Radio, “when we talk with police and research colleagues abroad, finding a counterpart in other countries is difficult.”

However, in spite of a surging population of Muslim migrants, Sturup reported that his study cannot make any inferences about the cause of this sudden spike in violence.

In his interview, he insisted that researches do not “know if there is an increased occurrence of illegal weapons in these environments or if there is a tendency to use the weapons more quickly,” saying only that “something has has happened.”

Malmö, a particularly popular destination for migrants, has the worst problems with increasing violence in the changing nation.

While the researchers refused to make any connections, international policy group The Gatestone Institute has published a litany of reports linking the rise in Muslim migrants to the crime directly.

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The Gatsteone Institute revealed the grim truths of Sweden’s state of affairs in a recent article. After embracing multiculturalism in the 1970s, Sweden had no problem with offering a home to hundreds of thousands of economic migrants from several African countries as they fled to Europe over the last few years. As of August 2017, Sweden hosts 61 Muslim “no-go zones.”

Swedish authorities insist radical Islamic terrorism is a minor problem, and there are only around 2,000 terrorists in the country.

However, the Gatestone Institute notes:

“In 2015, at the height of the migrant crisis, when Sweden received over 160,000 migrants, 14,000 of them who were told that they were going to be deported disappeared inside Sweden without a trace. As late as April 2017, Sweden was still looking for 10,000 of them. Sweden, however, has only 200 border police staff at its disposal to look for them. One ‘disappeared migrant’ was Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan. He drove a truck into a department store in Stockholm, killing four people and wounding many others. He later said he did it for the Islamic State (ISIS).”

And additionally:

“In September 2016, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman refused to see the warnings: in 2015, only 14% of all crimes in Sweden were solved, and in 2016, 80% of police officers were allegedly considering quitting the force. Both ministers refused to call it a crisis.”

As migrants continue to destroy Sweden from within, the country is refusing to learn from its mistakes. One in five people in Sweden, about 1.6 million people, are no longer of native Swedish descent.



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