‘He’s Not My Wife’: Putin Snaps Back After Press Asks Him About Trump [VIDEO]

Image Credit: Kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin snapped back when a reporter questioned whether he is “disappointed” in President Trump during a press conference, suggesting the reporter was naive to ask such a pointed question.

God Emperor Trump

President Putin told the reporter their “question sounds very naive,” and shot back that Trump “is not my future wife, neither am I his bride or groom.”

Putin continued, informing the reporter that “Each side has its own interest” and it is false to assume the two presidents are working together.

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President Trump and President Putin were seen laughing together earlier this year during G20, when Putin was caught on a hot microphone in front of cameras asking Trump if the members of the media were “the ones who insult [him].” President Trump laughed, then pointed at the cameras and said “these are the ones, you’re right about that.”

Stop A Commie

In spite of growing hostilities between the two countries, and CNN admitting on a leaked video by Project Veritas that the Trump-Russia story is driven by ratings rather than facts, the media is still determined to create the illusion of a partnership between the two presidents.

Possibly driven by the intense media scrutiny over any interactions between President Trump’s administration and Russia, relations have soured between the two countries since Trump assumed office in January. Earlier this year the Russian government expelled over 700 American diplomats from their embassies in Russia, and just this week President Trump ordered the closure of the Russian annexes in Washington D.C. and New York, as well as the Russian consulate in San Francisco.

The Russian president has also been critical of the Trump administration’s policy toward Russia, warning it could end in “global catastrophe.”



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