Netflix Accused Of Pushing Pedophilia, Homosexuality In New Cartoon

Even after getting swamped with negative backlash for pushing far-left programs such as Dear White People and Amy Schumer’s infamous 1-star comedy special, Netflix is continuing to charge forward holding the torch of cultural Marxism.

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They just won’t learn.

The latest example of this is a new animated series called “Big Mouth,” and if it’s not equally as tired, cliché, and repulsive as Dear White People, it’s pretty damn close. In the official trailer, which Netflix posted to its YouTube account on September 12th, viewers are treated to a veritable cornucopia of lewd “humor” and perversion involving middle school-age children.

The series, which Netflix bills as a way to “relive puberty from the safety of your sofa,” appears to be devoid of comedy save for gross-out sex humor and leftist propaganda. Multiple scenes – all involving the teenage animated protagonists – make direct and graphic references to male ejaculation and, whilst another involves a female character interviewing her talking genitalia in a mirror.

The sexual tones are not necessarily more grotesque than what you might see on an episode of South Park (or American Gods, for that matter), but many viewers are disturbed by the portrayal of cartoon children in explicit sexual scenarios. The trailer has roughly 1,000 “dislikes” at only 86,000 views, and the comments section is full of angry posts skewering Netflix for various aspects of the cartoon.

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“It’s like a cartoon of pedophilia, nice,” one person commented, while another declared, “We are hitting levels of degeneracy that shouldn’t even be possible.”

“I don’t get it,” another viewer stated. “The profanity and crudeness makes it unsuitable for a younger audience, and the fact [that] it’s about literal kids going through puberty makes it unsuitable for an older audience. This is just weird and fucked up. . .”

Other commenters lampooned the show’s animation, pointing out that it looks “horrible” and “cheap as fuck.” In fact, after some time of scrolling down the author could not find a single positive comment.

It remains a mystery why Netflix thought that producing another unpopular show in the same Marxist vein as Dear White People and Amy Schumer’s comedy special – the latter sharing virtually the same approach to sexual material as “Big Mouth” – was a good idea, especially with the added controversy of using teen puberty and sexuality as an adult comedy theme.

It’s very disheartening to see the rapidly continuing decline, both morally and content-wise, of the company that brought us masterpieces like House of Cards and Narcos.



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