Feminist Writer: I’m Addicted To Sex With ‘Bigoted, Sexist’ Trump Supporters

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Memes have truly become reality. It’s long been an in-joke on the right that every staunch feminist secretly craves strong right-wing cock, but until recently it was just a meme to some.

That was before the bombshell Glamour article by feminist writer Korey Lane that became a viral sensation over the weekend. In the piece, the author admitted she was addicted to sex with strong-willed, sexist Trump supporters.

God Emperor Trump

Ms. Lane was remarkably open about how despite her strong feelings about muh racism and muh misogyny and muh rights, she was irresistibly hooked on romps in the sheets with redpilled gentlemen. She relates the start of her addiction as follows:

When someone asks about my worst hookup, I have plenty of options to choose from, but I inevitably end up telling the same story. It’s the one where I started arguing with a Trump supporter at a bar and then before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning in his bedroom. There were flags everywhere: Ronald Reagan’s face was emblazoned on one of them, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ made an appearance on another. I say it was the ‘worst’ not because the sex was bad, but because, well, see above.

Despite her horror at seeing such satanic symbols of freedom and capitalism, Ms. Lane says she couldn’t keep her legs closed around her bigoted new friend.

“To my own surprise, we kept hooking up and—despite the fact that our political opinions were diametrically opposed—it didn’t feel weird. When we texted, we’d naturally argue about politics, but also about other things, like if corn or flour tortillas made for the best tacos, or whether Drake or Kendrick Lamar was the better rapper (I said Kendrick, of course). When we met up in person, that pent-up anger would turn into frustration, which would turn into a sort of competitive tension that resulted, inevitably, in sex.

I knew we’d never be anything more to each other than a hookup, but I didn’t care. The sex was hot, and it was uncomplicated in the sense that neither of us expected—or even really wanted—any strings attached. And since I was confident in my political convictions, all that witty banter about tax codes, emails, and border walls was the foreplay I never knew I needed.”

In reality there’s not a lot of editorializing I can do here. This story of steamy sex with Trump supporters is rooted in basic biology, and the universal Darwinian principle of natural selection.

Just as female animals in the wild instinctively search for the strongest possible male mate to ensure healthy offspring, women are sexually drawn to intelligent, high-testosterone men in the dating realm. And intelligence and high testosterone have basically become exclusively right-wing traits in the modern age.

An anonymous autist from /pol/ once proposed something he called the Trump Theorem, which posited that the feminists who acted the most outraged over Donald Trump’s comments about sex and women were the ones that secretly wanted to be grabbed by the pussy the hardest.

Stop A Commie

Korey Lane’s Glamour article appears to confirm this thesis. She goes on to detail how after that first encounter she went on to find herself in the bed of yet another Trump, despite his “ill-informed” and “sexist” convictions.

“But once again the thrill of the election and the friction of our differences made the passion so much more palpable in bed. So I pushed aside his ingrained bigotry and instead let it wash over me, filling me with a desire to prove him wrong—or maybe to just be on top of him.

As much as I don’t like the idea of sleeping with people whose values are clearly the opposite of my own, I can’t seem to stop, especially since the election. I’m an extremely competitive person and knowing that the guy I’m with is on the ‘winning’ team (even though I’m still correct) just forces that competitiveness into overdrive. Even when my annoyance with Trump and his supporters turns into depression, anxiety, and frustration, I still get an odd sense of vindication after sleeping with one of them.”

Muh ingrained bigotry. The very thing that the writer found so sexually appealing about Trump-supporting men. I wonder why that could be.

Ms. Lane goes on to detail how “hate-sex” with Trump supporters is an addiction she doesn’t plan on breaking any time soon, and even goes so far as to “highly recommend hooking up with someone whose politics you hate” to her readers, who are presumably liberal feminists themselves.

At a time when political and social convictions run hotter and divisive than ever, the fundamental truths of life remain the same. Trump supporters are incredibly seductive and veritable tigers in the sack.

And feminists can’t help but yearn to someday be grabbed by the pussy.



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