Epic Viral Video Reveals Poland’s Fighting Spirit in WW2, as Narrated by Sean Bean [VIDEO]

The chilling four minute video reveals the fighting spirit and tenacity of the Polish people as they resisted the Russian and German occupations during World War 2. 

“The Unconquered” explores the often forgotten role Poland played during the second world war. In 1939, the country was brutally invaded and occupied in an arrangement between the Soviet Union and the Third Reich. The German occupation saw mass arrests and imprisonment of the Polish people, while the Russian occupation saw Polish people turned into slave labor and shipped to the infamous Soviet gulags.

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Even under occupation the Polish resistance fought the Germans at every opportunity, and when Hitler’s forces invaded Russia in 1941, the Soviets quickly reached an agreement with Poland to release its prisoners. After they were freed, the prisoners quickly formed the Polish II Corps and rejoined the fight against Germany.

“Our army is reborn. Moving West, where our soldiers are already fighting alongside the allies,” the narration explains, “We conquer Monte Casino. Our fighters wreak havoc and fear by air, too.”

“The Germans call us black devils as we crush their resistance.”

“The Unconquered” comes from the relatively obscure YouTube channel IPNtvPL, the YouTube channel of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, and the video has already amassed over 500,000 views on YouTube as of this publication.

The star power of its narrator, Sean Bean, may have played some role in its early success.

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Released on September 15, the film has already received positive reviews on social media, and was recently tweeted by the Polish United States embassy.



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