#ProudToBe: YouTube Pushes LGBTQ Video Criticizing Western Civ And Its Users Are Pissed (AGAIN)

YouTube is again pushing propaganda on its users, this time in the form of a 2 minute video featuring LGBTQ actors — ahem — individuals who are proudly standing up against the heteronormative, oppressive, bigoted, patriarchy known as Western Civilization.

Western Civilization does, of course, routinely throw gays off buildings, stone them to death, force them to have sexual reassignment surgery against their will, and teach that homosexuality should be illegal while grooming little boys for pedophilia.

Oh, wait, that’s the Muslim world.

The video does not show one single shot of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transexual person in a Muslim nation. Instead, they mostly show clips from the United States.

That’s right, gay folks, it’s time to stand up and fight back against the society that gave you the right to marry. The same society where even conservative Christians, who are bound by their religious principles to disapprove of your lifestyle, say “hate the sin, love the sinner”.

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If you have been following Department of Memes for any amount of time, you know exactly how YouTube users are responding to this rampant degeneracy.

Hint: It’s exactly how they responded when YouTube forced pro-welfare migrant propaganda down their throats.

YouTube is, naturally, deleting comments an hour or so after they are written. The staff simply cannot fathom the notion that not everyone believes in the rampant degeneracy they’re trying to push.

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It has become a cliche at this point, but it bears repeating. This is the type of garbage that allowed the God Emperor of Mankind to ascend to his Cherry Blossom Throne. And this author personally hopes these mindless leftists keep it up, because they’re going to ensure that after the God Emperor’s reign comes to an end, Uncle Mike will electro-shock therapy our society back to normal.

At the same time, this degeneracy is seriously getting old.


Anita Sarkeesian Loses It At Vidcon Because Of Toxic Masculinity Or Something

So, Vidcon happened, and it went about as well as you would expect.

The climate at Vidcon was more political than ever, with feminists and anti-feminists showing up, tensions were high.

This is natural, but instead of encouraging an open discussion and giving all sides equal room to talk, Vidcon decided to give the floor to feminists and SJWs.

This is particularly upsetting when you consider that Sargon of Akkad has almost 400,000 more subscribers than Anita Sarkeesian, yet Sarkeesian was handed a platform on a silver platter while Sargon just got to watch.

It becomes even more upsetting when you learn that Anita used her platform, which was supposed to be shared with other female content creators, to call Sargon of Akkad a “shithead” and a “garbage human” for merely sitting in the audience.

She then went on to complain about how much harassment she receives on a daily basis.

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

Bearded Lady Teaches Toddlers About Drag Queens in SJW Kids Show

Queer Kid Stuff is a YouTube channel devoted to teaching degeneracy to young children, and this video may be the most disturbing yet. The channel uses a Peewee Herman set mixed with Sesame Street presentation to teach small children all about drag queens.

As usual, the left is celebrating this horrifying freak show. Huffington Post wrote an article titled “Here’s An Amazing Way To Explain Drag Culture to Kids”, telling parents to plop their toddlers down in front of a screen, and let this butchy lesbian creation and her friend “Miss Ter” explain why fully grown men with hipster beards like to wear dresses and makeup.

From the article:

“Drag is something that’s really accessible to kids because they’re so used to dress up and play as a part of their everyday routine,” Amer told HuffPost. “We wanted to talk about it for Pride Month because of the deep roots drag has in LGBTQ+ celebrations and because kids going out to parades with their grown ups are going to see lots of people in drag and they might have questions. Who better to answer those questions than a drag queen?”

Huffington Post is basically giving free advertising to this abomination because it pushes their agenda.

The butchy host is named Lindsey Amer, and her sidekick is Teddy, a stuffed bear puppet, who plays the role of the child in the program. Teddy asks the drag queen his pronouns twice, both before and after putting on a dress.

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As if children would not be horrified enough by the sight of “Ms. Ter,” Teddy has a series of disgusting questions, including “Ms. Ter, why do you have a beard?” The man in the dress responding, “When I do drag I love to push the boundaries of gender, and also doesn’t it look great?”

“Drag queens are the host of the queer community,” explains the bearded woman when asked by the puppet character about the purpose of drag queens, “We make sure everyone’s having a good time, whether that’s performing lipsync numbers, singing live, or just doing some dance shows,”

And horrifyingly, Amer breaks in to say “That’s actually kind of like us, Teddy, we host Queer Kid Stuff!”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first video from this channel. Famous right wing trans woman Blaire White recorded an expose on Queer Kid Stuff earlier this year called “The Worst SJW Yet: Brainwashing Children”.

Apparently having learned a lesson from the Internet fame that comes with White revealing your degeneracy to the world, Amer now appears to disable the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ function on all of her videos, but it is safe to say YouTube users are not having any of this degeneracy from the comments section.

Remember to pay close attention to what the children in your life are exposed to on the Internet. While there are plenty of based right wing YouTubers, there is always the chance they could stumble upon this type of brainwashing material and have their brains melted.

3 Reasons Why Thots Can’t Handle Trump

Log into social media at any time of the day and you will see flower crown/dog /cat-filter skanks shilling their vapid and unwanted political opinions. “Omg Drumpf is such a racist white pig 😂😂 lol don’t mess with me I’ll f#@k u up”.

Shut up and put on some clothes that fit, ya damned thot.

Women who oppose trump are invariably insecure and wholly unoriginal in their bovine recitation of shallow and vapid political catchphrases. Here are some reasons they can’t handle a pimp like Trump.


Though Trump is noted for being very soft-spoken and courteous in person, there is no doubt that he is always top dog in the room. Women know this and and gravitate towards him naturally, whereas the lower-tier skanks know they’d never have a shot (we’ll get there later.)

Jealousy breeds rage.

Trump is the epitome of what the modern feminist dream opposes. He’s a strong white man who built a business empire due to capitalism and started a beauty pageant that only accepted attractive women and judged them based on patriarchal beauty standards.

Rush Limbaugh’s claim that feminism is a system to help unattractive women feel good about themselves is born out in the outrage feminist hags have about Trump, who isn’t afraid to call them out for being fat, repulsive, unattractive, and obnoxious.


Donald is perhaps the most outspoken member of the Thot Patrol within American popular culture. Gold-diggers know men like him are their worst enemy and that protégés of his are much more like to see through their wanton thottery than the average thirsty beta male.

Perhaps Trump’s most epic patrolling was his tweet about Arianna Huffington (roger you can embed that tweet here)


Trump is undeniably a very sexual figure, and the majority of women recognize this across the political spectrum. The only difference is that feminists are deeply ashamed of their inner longing to be vigorously grabbed by the nether regions and then summarily pounded by the fabled Trump Tower.

Due to Trump’s aforementioned high standards and penchant for thot patrol, however, these women know they’d never have a prayer of getting the Donald into bed.
This breeds rage and projection, and provides plenty of blood rage and triggering and thus more material for us to point and laugh at the feminist movement and their pitiful self-projection of sexual dysfunction onto those with whom they disagree.

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Terrorist Group Launches App for Muslims to Report ‘Hate Crimes’

Infowars: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was designated a terrorist group by the UAE, has launched an app designed to enable Muslims and other minority groups to report ‘hate crimes’ and ‘incidents of bias.’

In an interview with CNN, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper claimed that the app, which is called Making Democracy Work For Everyone, is particularly important “during a period of increased hate incidents targeting American Muslims and other minority groups.”

“It has been on the back burner for some time. Its development got accelerated though with the election of Donald Trump,” he said. “It’s on a daily basis now that we are issuing a statement about some hate crime somewhere in the country, some days multiple incidents.”

“One of the reasons we wanted to make the app is because that’s how so many young people access the world, they feel more comfortable using an app than making a phone call sometimes.”

The app’s features include “free advice about an individual’s constitutional rights when contacted by law enforcement or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and when facing discrimination in the workplace or at school,” according to the CAIR website, as well as a link to make donations, news and information pertinent to American Muslims, and contact information for CAIR’s national headquarters and local chapters.

CNN cites a supposed spike in hate crime against minority groups in the ‘age of Trump,’ tying the release of the app to last week’s murder of a young Muslim girl in Virginia – but completely omits the fact that it was carried out by an illegal alien from El Salvador who would theoretically never have been in the US to begin with had former President Obama sealed the border.

The left blamed President Trump for this terrible tragedy, just as CAIR is blaming him and his supporters for a rumored rise in ‘anti-Muslim hate crimes.’

“The fact that Trump and his supporters were blamed for a murder carried out by an illegal immigrant once again underscores the rampant hysteria that has gripped the left,” wrote Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson on the matter. “In reality, most of the violence is being metered out against Trump and his supporters.”

Many would argue that there has actually been an increase in hate crimes hoaxes being staged or publicized by leftists and Islamists, the latest of which features a 22-year-old Muslim woman who was arrested last week for setting fire to her own Iowa mosque.

Additionally, real crimes of violence, murder, and rape are coming in waves from Islamists and leftists targeting those whom they oppose and innocent civilians across the West.

The month of Ramadan saw the deaths of 1,595 victims in 174 attacks by Muslims.

CAIR has been identified as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and a bonda fide terrorist organization by the UAE alongside the likes of Hezbollah, ISIS, and Boko Haram.

DiscoverTheNetworks.org has published a fully-cited examination of CAIR’s ties to radical, subversive organizations.

Source: Infowars

Google Releases “Lynching Tool” Because Race Relations Are Already So Great

Google recently launched a new “historic project” that allows users to explore past lynchings in America. Naturally, Huffington Post is celebrating.

Knowledge is rarely a bad thing, but Google is the company most notorious for profiting off of users personal data, so I doubt they care about “empowering” their customers with knowledge.

This seems to be another case of “Hey, remember how shitty America is? Look at these awful white people”.

We know awful things happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean we have to define ourselves by it. Black people are not slaves. White people are not slave owners. These issues aren’t relevant to our time.

In fact, the only places blacks are still actively sold as slaves are in Middle Eastern countries toppled by the Obama administration.

Instead of highlighting the great things black culture gave the world, Google wants black people focus on the worst aspects of their history. All this project will do is create more division and racial tension, which can easily lead to violence.

I’m Irish, but when I learn about my people’s history I don’t focus on the Potato Famine and how awful my ancestors were treated in America. If you define your people’s culture by their suffering, you’ll miss all the great things about your history.

Don’t let Google distract you from the issues that matter.

HATE HOAX: Muslim Woman Caught on Video Setting Fire to Her Own Mosque

USA Today: Police in Iowa arrested a 22-year-old woman suspected of starting a small fire at an Iowa mosque Thursday morning.

Des Moines firefighters and police were called to the Islamic Center of Des Moines about 10 a.m. There had been a small fire on the carpet, according to a Des Moines police report.

The fire was extinguished by the mosque’s staff by the time firefighters arrived.

Security cameras in the mosque showed a woman, later identified as Aisha Ismail, pouring lighter fluid on the carpet and then starting the fire, said Des Moines police spokesman Sgt. Paul Parizek. Ismail was not on scene when police and firefighters arrived, according to the report.

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BUSTED: CNN Producer ADMITS that Russia Coverage is for “Ratings”

Project Veritas, the group created by journalist James O’Keefe to expose leftist corruption, has struck gold again. In the latest explosive video from an undercover PV agent, CNN producer John Bonifield admits, on camera, that the primary motivation for CNN’s extensive promotion of the debunked “Russia” conspiracy theories against President Trump is “ratings.”

At the start of the video, Johnny Boy admits that even IF the “Russia collusion” theory was real, it would be no more shocking than the similarly shady activities regularly performed by our own deep state, such as the CIA interfering in other countries’ elections.

He explicitly admits that “Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing this sh** all the time.”

Then, after conceding that he hasn’t “seen any good evidence to show that the President committed a crime,” he admits that CNN continues to push the Russia story “Because it’s ratings…Our ratings are incredible right now.”

Bonifield then even mentions the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker (though not by name), and says that in an internal meeting of CNN producers, Zucker told them to move on as quickly as possible from covering Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords in order to return to covering the Russia garbage.

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When confronted with that little obstacle known as “journalism ethics,” Bonifield quite literally laughs it off and declares that a news channel is “a business” that must focus on making money first and foremost. He derides the “cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school,” and snidely remarks “That’s adorable… that’s adorable… This is a business.”

Indeed, this latest revelation should only lead to many more people looking down upon CNN with the same level of scorn, and the same two words: “That’s adorable.”

Private Investigator: ‘US Needs to Investigate Obama Efforts to Install Hillary Clinton in White House’

RT: The facts are clear in the public domain that the Democratic National Committee [DNC] may well have rigged the primary for Hillary, Charles Ortel, private investor and writer, told RT.

CIA chief Mike Pompeo claims that Russian meddling in the US presidential elections was just a part of a decades-long effort to “undermine American democracy”.

Pompeo made the comments in his first TV interview since taking up the post of CIA director in January.

Yet, Russia has been denying any kind of interference, while evidence for such meddling has been nonexistent.

RT:  We’ve become used to hearing accusations of Russia’s meddling in elections. But now we’re being told it’s been going on for decades, though no evidence will be released. What do you make of it?

Charles Ortel: I think that countries around the world, our own included, have strong preferences when it comes to elections – often times as to who would be the preferred outcome. There are laws on our books that are quite strict, but in theory don’t seem to be all that well enforced, concerning when foreign nations go over the line and try to, let’s say, buy an election. I don’t think Pompeo is suggesting that, but I think what he is suggesting is that the CIA may have evidence that some actors, perhaps allied to Russia, may have been exerting influence to tip the scales one way or the other in our election.

That may be true, and other nations maybe have done it too. But I think the facts are overwhelming that the upstart candidate Donald Trump fought off the establishment – 16 or 17 in the establishment Republican wing – to get the nomination. The facts are clear in the public domain that the Democratic National Committee [DNC] may well have rigged the primary for Hillary; did their level best to tip the scales of the election. A lot of actors tried to exercise influence in the election. I don’t know the specifics of what Russia may or may not have done, and what other nations may or may not have done. But I think the bigger issue – far bigger – is the degree to which the Obama administration seems likely to have tried to tip the hand heavily in favor of installing Hillary Clinton as a successor to Obama. That is something really needs to be investigated.

RT:  Even some of the Democrats say it’s high time talks about Russia stopped. Do you think we will see any changes in how the US deals with this issue?

CO: I hope so. I think what you’re seeing is that the American people are far more concerned about the degree to which jobs are not coming fast enough back to our country at good, high paying wages with benefits. That is what we really care about, and the impending blow up of this Obamacare system, which was a disaster from the beginning. That’s what Americans really care about. When we think about our foreign issues, people who think deeply about the issues should look back over the last eight years, the last 16 years, to think about why it makes sense to reflexively go after Russia at every turn, when in fact America’s interests and Russia’s are far more closely aligned in many conflict portions of the world. It would behoove the Trump administration and the Putin administration to try to ignore this sniping and stay focused on the core issues where we do share common interests.

Source: RT

3 Reasons Why Liberal Men Feel Completely F!@king Emasculated By Donald Trump

There’s no two ways about it. The leftist mindset is cucked and men who subscribe to the theories of feminism, open borders, white guilt, and “muh world peace” are likely to feel violated and emasculated by strong, take-charge male leaders.

This isn’t necessarily an ideological rift, as can be demonstrated in the case of Democrat senator (and Vietnam veteran and 2nd Amendment supporter) Sen. Jim Webb, who was forced out of the 2016 Democrat Party presidential primaries for being too alpha for modern feminist sensibilities.

The testicular inferiority of the male leftist can best be demonstrated in the case of President Trump, whose raw masculinity causes bearded-and-balding hipster betas everywhere to recoil in horror and clutch melodramatically at their collective pearls.

Here are the three most poignant examples:


As the epitome of the American capitalist success story, Trump is already triggering enough to leftists everywhere. Fast cars, exotic women, gold casinos, everything that the hipster cuck despises and craves in vain at the same time.

Trump is never afraid to speak his mind. Big hair, big personality, big dick (we’ll get to that later). Leftists can only wish they could speak their mind to their feminist masters without fear of reprisal.


The left knows that America is the greatest nation in the world, which is why they tear it down through third-world culture and revisionist history. The great men of history are constantly maligned and torn down. Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne – no hero is safe from the scythe of communist rage.

Donald Trump is a throwback to the days of these men. He loves America and believes it was, indeed, GREAT. Leftists acknowledge his leadership in trying to use words like nationalism, chauvinism, and jingoism to insult the movement he has created.

Someone once said one strong leader is worth a thousand foot soldiers. The marxists know this, and that’s why they attack Trump so vociferously.


Okay, this one really doesn’t need any explanation.

Trump assured the world there is “no problem” down there. His ex wives regularly brag about how good he is at sex, and how massive his schlong is.

Rich well-dressed white man who brags about his penis size, what’s not to love.