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Google Fired Engineer Who Wrote Infamous ‘Echo Chamber’ Memo Because They Are One

Recently a formerly anonymous employee at Google sent out a memo where he expressed some concern about how the company tends to create an “ideological echo chamber.” The author primarily attempts to address certain biases that Google has that doesn’t allow for an open and honest conversation.

The most controversial part of the memo describes the inherent biological differences between men and women, and because of that we shouldn’t assume they’ll always act similar or make similar choices.

However, the author goes out of his way to explain that he doesn’t think that we should treat people based on their population trends and that we should instead treat them as individuals. He simply uses the data to provide an explanation as to why women aren’t as well represented in the tech industry.

Naturally, Google did the rational thing and immediately fired the man behind the memo, even though an internal poll showed that most of the employees generally agreed with what the memo said. This shows that employees at Google are scared to speak their minds for fear of being fired.

Google is a private company and can do as they please (within reasonable limits), however, it’s completely dishonest of them to pretend that they don’t have an extreme bias against conservative opinions while they continue to censor conservatives on both Google and YouTube.

You can read the full memo here.

As far as protecting free speech, Google does not have a good track record.

Google’s company, YouTube, has a bad habit of demonetizing “controversial” videos (apparently pro-refugee propaganda is not controversial). Really, they demonetize videos that even hold a hint of conservative values.

According to an interview from Breitbart, a formal Google employee has revealed that Google tries to censor anti-PC content on Google.

Google has even announced that YouTube will be teaming up with the ADL to target “hate speech”, the same people who declared Pepe The Frog a hate symbol.

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4 Reasons Why The Left Can’t Meme

1. They don’t understand how humor works

Most humor is inherently based on human suffering. That’s why it works, it’s a coping mechanism for humans so we don’t go crazy with all of the messed up stuff in the world.

Leftists don’t seem to understand this. Their idea of a funny joke is a 2010 era Grumpy Cat meme.

2. They’re too scared to offend anyone

In today’s hyper-sensitive “safe space” culture, anyone can get offended by anything. Not only that, but the so-called victims will have armies of Millennials catering to their feelings.

In an environment like this, how is anyone supposed to make any kind of joke? If you’re a self-proclaimed liberal Social Justice Warrior™, how can you find humor in anything at all? Someone somewhere might be slightly offended by your joke, so how can any good liberal joke around in good conscience?

3. Every issue is always 100% serious

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of irony to be found in some of today’s worst issues.

For example:

Sometimes it’s necessary to find humor in awful situations, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to cope.

Leftists don’t understand that there is a time and a place for taking issues seriously. Sometimes, you have to make an edgy meme in order to cope.

4. They’re out of touch with the average American

A lot of the rhetoric against free speech and humor comes from either college professors stuck in their isolation bubble on campuses or liberal celebrities virtue-signaling the commoners from their ivory towers.

It should shock no one, therefore, that when Leftists try to “reach out” to a younger audience through memes, they fall short, usually by using out-of-date memes in a cringy way.

BONUS PRO TIP: Stop using I M P A C T F O N T on everything.

Polandball: Can Into Space Is One Small Step For Polandball, One Giant Leap For Meme Culture

Polandball: Can Into Space is a highly complex economic and political simulation of the political landscape of Europe and the rise of Poland as a dominant world power in a continent shaken by migrant crises and poor leadership.

Alright, so maybe that’s not quite true.

Polandball: Can Into Space is a rocket building game in which the goal is to build a successful rocket and reach the stars as Polandball, the world’s favorite underdog, all while countries from across the globe try to stand in the way.

According to the developer, an indie group called Alien Pixel Studios, Polandball: Can Into Space is:

A single player adventure/arcade game  with some RPG elements developed with Unity3D, Polandball: Can into space puts players in control of Poland’s country ball on its quest to be one among the many countries that have made it to the moon. With an upgradable rocket at their disposal that starts off as nothing more than junk, players are tasked to upgrade the ship using money they pick up on the route to their destination.

Yet, Polandball: Can Into Space is more than just a “build a rocket and fly to space” game. At times it proves to be an apt metaphor for the state of Europe, with Poland being the only country not being ripped apart by refugees.

The game gets a little too realistic at times, such as when the player is gang raped by Germany and England on his trip to the heavens.

The actual game play is similar to other games of the same genre. The player begins with a rudimentary rocket that barely functions and needs to collect money every round in order to upgrade.

While collecting money, players will need to continuously replenish gas by finding gas tanks (yes, in the sky) and eat a burger (also found in the sky) once in a while to replenish health.

The graphics are pleasing for a game of its size and scope, and it is relatively easy to tell what’s going on even when things are starting to heat up. Polandball’s quest of achieving space flight can be quite daunting, especially with other less than friendly world powers interfering.

Featuring over 25 different countries, “Polandball: Can Into Space!” adds to an already engaging experience by giving each of these country balls lines to shout at the player as they pass by or memes to show if the player hits a certain country ball.

Polandball: Can Into Space not only has solid gameplay, but an entertaining layer of political satire mixed with the meme culture we have all come to love.

At only $2.99, Polandball: Can Into Space is a bargain, and it comes with the added perk of knowing the money goes to based indie developers and not a bunch of SJW cucks.

Polandball: Can Into Space was released in January of 2016, and is available on Steam as well as iTunes and Google Play.

Looking for more uncucked video games? Check out our review of Feminazi: The Triggering where players enjoy life as a 300lb Social Justice Warrior.

Full disclosure: Department of Memes received a review copy of Polandball: Can Into Space in exchange for our fair review.

J.K. Rowling Refuses To Delete Slanderous Tweets About Trump, Is A Terrible Person

Update 8/1/17: Rowling finally apologized. 

J.K. Rowling has made a name of herself since President Donald Trump’s victory, often equating President Donald Trump to characters from Harry Potter, the series of children’s books that saw her elevated from homeless divorcee to globally known author.

The most recent incident involved the disabled child allegedly ignored by President Trump. An incomplete video suggested the president supposedly ignored a little boy in a wheelchair, leading Rowling to write her next piece of fiction about the tyranny of Adolf Trumpler with a series of tweets.

However, the full video has since surfaced, and it is very clear that the very first thing President Trump does upon entering the room is walk straight to the boy in the wheelchair and greet him.

The first part of this video came out several days ago and most media outlets, Twitter personalities, and YouTube channels have retracted their original comments. However, JK Rowling has ignored the video completely and refuses to delete her abusive tweets or apologize, much to the dismay of her critics.

Rowling is even being called out by journalists and other individuals who have not exactly been friendly to President Trump, including Chelsea Clinton. Yes, a Clinton literally has more class than Rowling.

Perhaps the most upsetting part of this whole debacle is that Rowling actually used her own mother’s disability to further her political stance.

It’s shocking that even children’s authors are willing to resort to using disabled people to discredit their political opponents.

At the end of the day, leftists are making themselves look foolish and immature by pulling stunts like this. It’s annoying, but it will never be enough to stop President Trump from making America great again.

File this one under “Reasons Trump Won.”

Rolling Stone Wonders: “Why Can’t Justin Trudeau Be Our President?”

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is widely regarded as a trainwreck to all but those Canadians except those the most enamored with social justice. Trudeau marches in gay pride parades, hangs out with trans women, wears goofy socks to meetings with other geopolitical leaders, and the largest legislative accomplishment during his time in office has been to legalize bestiality.

Most recently, Trudeau is the first Western leader to hand 10.5 million dollars to a terrorist and and then defend thedecision. It is not a stretch to say Trudeau is not well respected among Canadians or Americans.

And yet, Rolling Stone deeply wants this man to be President of the United States.

The actual Rolling Stone piece by the Rolling Stone reads like a bad Twilight fanfiction, going on and on about Trudeau’s “modulated, indoor voice” and agonizing about the fact that “his dark hair is a color found in nature.”

When your main praise for an individual (especially a politician) consists of shallow physical compliments, people are going to question your credibility.

At the end of the day, Trudeau is still just a joke, albeit a very influential one.

Sorry Rolling Stone, but if you wanted a Canadian president you should have voted for Senator Ted Cruz.

MTV’s ‘Decoded’ Host Calls Anti-SJWs Basement Dwelling Losers, Virgins

For those unaware, MTV has a web series called “Decoded.” If you weren’t aware of this show before, don’t feel bad, the show’s views are laughable at best.

While episodes early on bragged at least 100,000 views, since late 2015 to early 2016 the show has been failing miserably, likely due to its racist anti-white undertones.

The host, Franchesa Ramsey, tried to fix this by reaching out to her more popular and successful critics, such as Armored Skeptic and Andywarski.

For a while, this worked. Both YouTubers reported that they were having regular contact with Ramsey and that she “just wanted to have an open conversation.”

This all came crashing down in a recent podcast that Ramsey did with her husband.

In her podcast, Ramsey painted all “anti-SJWs” as basement-dwelling losers who only hate feminism because they can’t get laid.

Yes, she actually said this.

It gets worse, though. Throughout the entire podcast, Ramsey continuously goes back on every single pro “agree-to-disagree conversation” statement she’s ever made.

Not only does she take back everything she’s promised, Ramsey also slanders all of her critics as “hate speech” and compares every single critic of feminism and Black Lives Matter to professional wrestling.

“If someone disagrees with me, they must be faking it!”

Hopefully, this will serve as a warning to all other critics of the Regressive Left; Regressive Leftists don’t want a conversation, they want to silence and insult anyone who disagrees with them.




Feminazi: The Triggering – Being A 300lb Feminist Has Never Been So Fun

Finally, a game shitposters of all types can get behind.

Feminazi: The Triggering is a third-wave feminist simulation game. The user must praise everyone with a dark complexion while screaming vitriolic insults at any and every white male. The game also includes other proud feminist pastimes, including:

  • Aborting male babies
  • Avoiding violent people of color while shooting white bystanders
  • Vandalizing places of business
  • Feminist dance therapy

Feminazi: The Triggering was created using Kickstarter, exceeding its very modest £64 goal with a whopping £415 in pledges.

The game functions like a normal top-down view adventure game, similar to the original Legend of Zelda. However, Feminazi requires more time and resource management than most games of its genre.

When the player starts a new game they will first notice notice the three health-like bars. Rather than Health, Stamina, and Magic, these bars are Triggering, Tolerance, and Fatness. In order to keep playing, the player will need need to keep all these bars above zero.

In order to keep the Triggering meter nice and healthy, the player will have to spend a fair amount of time vandalizing buildings and cars while yelling at straight white males. The player must also avoid accidentally targeting a minority while yelling, as doing so will lower the player’s Tolerance bar.

Just like in real life, the pixelated feminist avatar only cares about tearing down white people.

In order to maintain Tolerance levels, the player must travel the map welcoming refugees and sending out messages of tolerance and diversity to minorities. Be warned, though! If the player should accidentally say something nice to a white person, the player’s Tolerance meter will instantly tank.

Last but not least we have the fatness bar, which really is a non-factor as far is gameplay is concerned. This bar goes down so slowly that it never directly affects gameplay at all. The player must simply make sure to grab a burger off the road once in a while, as the bar cannot be fully depleted.

There is no such thing as a skinny Feminazi.

Customization is possibly the best feature in this bargain of a game.

Players are able to choose all sorts of different hairstyles and outfits for their character, and even some flags to hold as they parade around the map stuffing their face, insulting white people, and virtue signalling to minorities. These flags include the Antifa flag, Soviet Union flag, and my personal favorite, the #KillAllMen flag.

The game developers, an indie studio called Hyperborean Games, included all of these customization settings with meme culture in mind.

“We also focused on ability to create your own memes with this game, so we added things like character customization and gender editor,” the developers told us, “where you can create your own gender if you are not satisfied with 30 genders that are already there.”

Attack Helicopter gender confirmed.

Ironically enough, Feminazi: The Triggering, a game mocking multi-gendered feminists, is probably the only video game to date with this sheer variety of gender choices. Feminists should be jumping with joy.

The only real issues with the game are the controls. While playing with a controller is intuitive enough, playing the game using a keyboard and mouse is going to feel fairly awkward at times, especially in a few of the minigames.

Possibly the best part about Feminazi: The Triggering are, well, the triggered IRL feminists. They’ve taken to Twitter to let the game developers have a piece of their mind.

Disgusted? Sounds triggered.
How dare you let this game developer help people in need!

In conclusion, Feminazi: The Triggering is a fun jab at third-wave feminists. There aren’t endless hours of gameplay within the title, but if you’re looking for a good laugh, at 99 cents this is definitely worth your time.

Feminazi: The Triggering was released February 20, 2017, and a free DLC was released shortly after. It is available on Steam, and you can follow the game’s developers on Facebook. They’re shitposters, so it might be worth your time.

Full Disclosure: Department of Memes received review copies of this game in exchange for a fair review. 

‘The Problem Of Whiteness 101’ Now Taught In Ivy League Schools

Yes, this is a real thing. The University of Wisconsin-Madison (which is a “Public Ivy” school) now teaches a course on how to hate white people.

This taxpayer-funded college class aims to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy”, as if white supremacy is seriously still a major issue today.

The description of the course also references a quote that calls upon “well-meaning whites” to ask one another, “what is it like to be a problem?”

Not only is this disgusting rhetoric being shoved down impressionable freshmen’s throats, but it’s being done with taxpayer dollars at one of the oldest schools in the country.

According to the left’s own arguments, it is this kind of inflammatory rhetoric that leads to racial disharmony, violence, and further polarization between the races.

It’s literally teaching a whole classroom of impressionable young people to hate white people.

Stories like this reinforce the fact that we never “fixed” racism, we just reversed it, and radicalized it.

Lauren Southern’s Patreon Was Deleted Because They Hate Right Wingers

Following the aftermath of Vidcon, there’s been a lot more discussion about large companies and organizations becoming more and more comfortable openly pushing a political agenda.

Unfortunately, none of this discussion has stopped Patreon from cutting off the main source of income for Lauren Southern, a popular libertarian independent journalist.

Southern quickly tweeted out an angry response to this news, which was quickly spread around Twitter.

This was followed shortly after by a video going into more depth about the situation.

In the video, Southern explains the reasoning behind her excommunication from The Church Of Free Speech™.

In their email, Patreon accuses Southern of “[taking] part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life”. Southern gathers that they are referring to the Defend Europe Mission, which is an organization that aims to legally slow down illegal immigration.

Southern points out that she never actually was involved in the organization, although she did express interest. She goes on to say that even if she did get involved with the organization, Defend Europe Mission never actually puts lives in danger, on the contrary, Defend Europe actually calls for help when they find migrants in danger.

It’s obvious after reviewing Patreon community guidelines that Southern didn’t break any of the rules, and that this is an ideological move on Patreon’s part to shut down their opponents.