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Welfare Migrants Are Hiding Under Freight Trains To Get Into Germany (VIDEO)

According to a shocking report from the New York Post, economic migrants are in such a fervor to get a taste of Germany’s delicious welfare funds they are risking life, limb, and property while hiding under trains to gain access to the European nation.

The video quotes a German immigration official, who says in the first few days of August the authorities have already detained 20 migrants under trains, and caught over 100 during the month of July.

According to the same official, only 20 migrants were found stowing away under the trains during the first six months of 2017.

The crossings are happening near the Austrian border. Migrants are eagerly attempting to gain access to Germany after it has become glorified as an oasis to economic migrants with no skills or money due to its luxurious welfare programs.

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The trains themselves move at a breakneck speed, often over 90 miles per hour, and to make matters worse for the migrants, most of them are only wearing t-shirts in the frequently subzero temperatures.

Germany has become so desperate to catch the migrants they are employing spot checkers to gaze under the trains as they arrive and depart from stations, and use helicopters with heat detecting cameras to detect stowaways from above.

Blowing away the myth that these refugees are fleeing the Syrian civil war, the migrants are “reportedly coming from Somalia, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.”

According to the video, “Germany used to be a promised land for refugees,” but several months of push back from Germans who are tired of the rapes, assaults, and petty crimes the migrants brought with them this is no longer the case.

“Tougher border controls have led to thousands risking their lives to cross into the country.”

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While most leftists will see this video and give a heartfelt sad react, many on the right who have followed the trail of crime left in the wake of migrants throughout Europe will likely greet this information with a shrug.

It’s about time Germany get serious about protecting its people. We at Department of Memes only hope it’s not too late.

Read Mad Dog Mattis’s Bone Chilling Statement On North Korea

As tensions continue to approach fever pitch between the United States and North Korea, Secretary of Defense General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis offered a bone chilling statement that would make any sane person think twice before continuing to provoke the largest military on the planet.

“The United States and our allies have the demonstrated capabilities and unquestionable commitment to defend ourselves from attack.

Kim Jong Un should take heed of the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice, and statements from governments the world over, who agree the DPRK poses a threat to global security and stability. The DPRK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people.

President Trump was informed of the growing threat last December and on taking office his first orders to me emphasized the readiness of our ballistic missile defense and nuclear deterrent forces.

While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now posses the most precise, rehearsed, and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth.

The DPRK regime’s actions will continue to be grossly over matched by ours and would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates.”

North Korea made headlines twice yesterday, once after news broke that the isolated nation is producing nuclear-ready missiles, and again when North Korea’s official state news claimed the country is preparing to attack the United States military installation on Guam.

President Donald Trump delivered an equally powerful statement yesterday, warning that should North Korea continue its hostile actions, the United States will respond with “fire, fury, and power” the likes of which the world has never seen.

All of this comes only weeks after North Korea launched what was believed to be an ICBM into the Sea of Japan.

While President Trump has previously been skeptical of military action in foreign nations, he has always been very serious about the threat posted by North Korea. As far back as 1999, President Trump was recorded in an interview warning against their nuclear capabilities.

President Trump more recently said dealing with North Korea should be a problem for the Chinese, but appears to have given up this avenue after meeting with the Chinese president.

However, the president did recently celebrate on Twitter when the entire world, including China and Russia, agreed on new sanctions to further strangle the already isolated North Korean dictatorship.

North Korea Threatens To Invade Guam After Trump Pledges “Fire And Fury” Against Them

The newest development in the American-North Korean tit for tat of insults could the the largest the Trump administration has faced yet, as North Korea threatens to invade the United States Naval Base on Guam.

As Department of Memes covered, this newest North Korean threat comes only hours after President Donald Trump pledged to bring “fire and fury” against the country if they do not cease their hostilities and insults against the United States.

North Korea threatened to attack Guam through their state media outlet, according to NBC News, saying the plans are being seriously considered.

Via NBC News:

A spokesman for the Korean People’s Army, in a statement carried by the regime’s state-run KCNA news agency on Wednesday (local time), said it was going over “military options to form attack positions” around the U.S. territory in order to “send a stern warning” to the United States.

In another statement citing a different military spokesman, North Korea also said it could carry out a pre-emptive operation if the United States showed signs of provocation, according to Reuters.

North Korea was in the news earlier today after it was revealed the isolated nation is mass producing missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload. It has been previously reported that the country’s missiles can reach most of the continental United States.

This new threat comes only weeks after North Korea launched what is believed to have been an ICBM without a payload into the Sea of Japan.

On the campaign trail, President Trump frequently suggested dealing with North Korea should be a problem for the Chinese government to solve. However, after meeting with the Chinese president, it appears even China is unable to reign in the rogue state.

The United States of America has been involved militarily with North Korea since 1950, when the communist North Korean government invaded the South Korean government with the backing of the Chinese government as well as the Soviet Union.

In recent months China has turned its back on North Korea by siding with the United Nations and Western countries in a decision to further strangle the isolated nation with more sanctions, something President Trump celebrated on Twitter.

Many online supporters of President Trump consider the possible liberation of North Korea from its oppressive communist regime to be the only form of regime change that could be successful due to the extremely high IQ of most East Asians, including Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio.

Texas Is So Red They Can’t Find A Democrat To Run For Governor (Yes, Really)

The Associated Press is reporting that only 15 months away from the next gubernatorial election, Texas cannot find a single member of the Democratic Party willing to challenge Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his seat.

Even with Texas’s ever increasing Hispanic population – now over 30% of the state considers itself Hispanic – Texans still know better than to take Democrats seriously.

Via Associated Press:

Democratic leaders haven’t yet lined up a substantial name to represent the party and its message despite months of trying. Any continued faith in a Democratic turnaround in Texas is now colliding with pessimism that it will happen anytime soon.

“If they didn’t have somebody running for governor it’d be a symbol that they’ve given up,” said Brandon Rottinghaus, a political science professor at the University of Houston.

And the lack of a serious 2018 candidate, following the dismal showing of the Democrats in the 2010 and 2014 governor’s races, could make it harder to capitalize later if the political climate improves, as the party expects.

“You run the risk of looking irrelevant,” Rottinghaus said.

This is especially comical considering pollsters were absolutely convinced the state of Texas would vote for perennial loser Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. In fact, they were downright enamored with the idea of President Donald Trump being such a terrible candidate that Texas would become a permanently blue state.

These are a few of the headlines from last year:

New York Times: Could Hillary Clinton Win Texas? Some Democrats Say Maybe

NPR: Why Texas Is Closer To Turning Blue Than It Has Been In Decades

Five Thirty Eight: Election Update: Clinton’s Texas Opportunity (And Her Texas Problem)

Washington Post: Could Hillary Clinton actually win Texas?

Not only did Clinton lose Texas by 9 points, the Texas Democratic Party can’t even sucker another sap into running for governor.

Meanwhile, Governor Greg Abbott has announced his reelection campaign and is already out on the campaign trail triggering leftists with good, conservative policies.

One of the crowning accomplishments of Abbot’s time as governor included banning sanctuary cities throughout the state. Like the president, Abbott leverages social media in his favor, and live streamed signing the bill on his Facebook page.

At this point Democrats across the country must surely be wondering: “When do we start winning again?”


Trump: North Korea Will Be Met With ‘Fire And Fury’ The World Has Never Seen Before

UPDATE: North Korea has now threatened to attack the United States military base at Guam. 

President Donald Trump held a press conference in which responded to news that North Korea is now mass producing missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads with a stunning and cold announcement.

The president, with his arms tightly crossed, gave an ultimatum to the rogue state.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” President Trump declared, “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Referring to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, the president continued, “He has been very threatening, beyond a normal state, and as I said they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. Thank you.”

This calculated announcement comes from President Trump mere hours after the rogue state against made headlines for its nuclear ambitions, and only weeks after North Korea fired what is believed to be an ICBM missile toward Japan.

North Korea has grown increasingly hostile throughout the Trump administration, to the point where many question whether the president will reenter a military conflict with the secluded nation.

The United States of America has been in a state of war with North Korea since June 25, 1950, and removed its troops from the country after a shaky armistice was struck in July of 1953 that led to the division between North Korea and South Korea.

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While military intervention in foreign countries was often criticized by President Trump during the campaign, he loudly and forcefully spoke out against the brutal regime in North Korea on the campaign trail, and frequently suggested China should be charged with dealing with the out of control regime.

In a tweet, President Trump later thanked China for attempting to bring an end to the dictator’s threatening behavior, but lamented that the Chinese attempts to do so were unsuccessful.

Journalist Beautifully Destroys Fake News, Proves Trump’s Agenda Is On Track

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

If you’re not following Thomas Wictor on Twitter, you are missing out one one of the strangest and most insightful allies President Donald Trump has in the Twittersphere.

Wictor is a former music journalist turned blogger turned middle aged shitposter. He appears to have exactly no skin in the game money-wise, except for the odd book sale of his old music books (he maintains he was royally screwed by his feminazi publisher), and thus he is able to be totally neutral about any given Trump-related catastrophe the rest of Twitter may be melting down over.

For example, he never bought into the Bannon v. Kushner v. McMaster v. Kelly v. Ivanka v. Trump v. Pence narrative being spun by dozens of users, some respectable and some less respectable.

Today he defeated the entire “White House in Chaos” narrative by showing the blatant contradictions that have come out with the singular goal of generating clicks, and it took nothing but a whole lot of tweets.

Well meme’d, my friend.

Is Wictor perfect? No, not by a long shot. When Moldylocks got cold clocked he spent upwards of a week counter signaling and making up excuses for her to be holding a weapon and seeking to “scalp Nazis” at the event.

But he’s pretty much hitting the nail on the head here.

We at Department of Memes are tempted by covering this oh-so delicious clickbait garbage. It would be so easy, folks. All you have to do is give someone a reason to be worried about President Trump and you get clicks.

But like the president says, if it’s “sources say” then it’s probably bullshit.

If the White House really is in turmoil, then it would be nice if the “anonymous insider White House sources close to the president” could at least get their damn story straight.

How Dabbing Became Racist: A Sh*tposter’s Confession

An official Facebook page for Black Lives Matter with over 650,000 likes shared a meme suggesting the “dab,” the name for when someone points their arms toward the sky and puts their face into their elbow, is in fact a racist symbol used by white nationalists.

Clearly the most humorous thing the page has ever posted, it went viral and has been shared over 7,000 times as of this article’s publication.

But how did Black Lives Matter become convinced that dabbing was a white nationalist gang sign?

A shitposter messaged the God Emperor Trump Facebook page with the juicy details.

Hey, I’m friends with the guy who made the DAB meme. I figured GET should be the first page to have the actual story on how the meme got created. If you could keep me anonymous I’d appreciate it, and he’s given me this statement to pass on to you guys so that he too can stay anonymous:

“Basically we had an event at my church where a hundred kids from around the community showed up, ages 7-14, and a ton of them were dabbing incessantly which I found irritating. This was at the same time that people were starting to say that 👌 was racist so I decided to try and capitalize on the zeitgeist and destroy dabbing among the normie youth.

I made a series of images and posted them in a thread on /pol/ several months ago but I got banned for spam and it never took off until a few days ago I realized that it had been unironically shared by a major BLM page over a month ago and I had the biggest lol of my life”

Department of Memes asked the anonymous poster for visual confirmation in the form of a screenshot of the Photoshop file used to create the meme, and the absolute madman actually sent it:

Yet another example of low IQ leftist degenerates falling for extremely obvious bait.

Did meme magic strike again? We think so.

Let us know if you agree in the comments.

Identity Evropa Crashes Pro-Illegal Event, Triggers Fat SJWs

Identity Evropa, a pro-white identity organization, traveled to Miami, Florida on August 2, 2017 to peacefully protest a pro-illegal immigrant event.

The organization that held the event calls itself the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, which bills itself as an organization that seeks to return power to citizens at the local level, and fight back against state and local politicians who “don’t like when we as a community pass laws to ban smoking, protect our environment, raise wages, ensure local hiring, and prevent gun violence.”

While this may their claim, the event Identity Evropa peacefully disrupted clearly discussed how to protect illegal immigrants from facing the consequences of their actions.

One woman at the microphone bragged that they helped to convince Broward County, Florida to pass a “welcoming resolution,” which made the entire county a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, while another activist boasted that the Campaign to Defend Local Freedom is a diverse group, and bragged about having “undocumented folks” in their organization.

The Identity Evropa activists waited until an opportune time, and peacefully approached the stage holding a banner that read “Secure Our Border, Secure Our Future, Identity Evropa.”

In a Facebook live stream of the event that was quickly deleted by the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, the overweight black woman at the microphone was heard asking the Identity Evropa activists to leave the stage in a panicked, aggravated tone. Upon her request, the Identity Evropa activists peacefully left the stage and went on their way.

On Identity Evropa’s online after action report, a sort of press release aimed mostly at other white identity advocates, they say attended the event and “protested a screening of the film The Deportation of Innocence and the following panel discussion hosted by The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, The Florida Immigrant Coalition, the South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice, and the Global Peace Film Festival in Miami.”

The press release adds that “these organizations advocate for the disastrous ‘sanctuary city’ policy, which encourages city and county governments to illegally ignore the lawful deportation orders of federal immigration authorities.”

Identity Evropa describes itself as a “generation of awakened Europeans” with the laudable goal of “opposing those would would defame [their] history and rich cultural heritage.”

A European identitarian movement, their website explains that, in their view, “in a time when every other people are asserting their identity, without action, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession.”

The American Defamation League calls Identity Evropa a “white supremacist organization” that will destroy the very fabric of society by “talking to [college] students” about their ideas.

Identity Evropa was founded by Nathan Damigo, who made national headlines when he appeared to attack a female antifa protester – a woman later dubbed “Moldylocks” – during the Second Battle of Berkeley without being provoked.

The woman was later revealed to have attended the event with the goal of “scalping Nazis,” and had a bottle she presumably intended to use as a weapon in her hand.

As West Virginia Governor Jumps Ship, GOP Can Call Constitutional Convention

On August 3, 2017, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice joined President Donald Trump on stage at a rally to announce he is officially switching his party affiliation from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Governor Justice’s change in party affiliation means the Republican Party now boasts control of 33 governorships, as well as 33 state legislatures (including Nebraska, which uses a single legislative body).

While this is a tremendous blow to the morale of Democrats, who across the country must be wondering “when do we finally start winning,” it also signals something far more important.

The Grand Old Party now has the two-thirds majority required if only one additional Democratic controlled legislature should agree to call a Convention of States, in which they can pass any amendments to the United States Constitution they believe are necessary.

These could include a balanced budget amendment, reduce the power of federal courts (think the ones who arbitrarily decide what President Trump does is unconstitutional), and even change or at least specifically spell out the role of the Federal Reserve in creating monetary policy.

In short, Republicans can now do whatever they want to the U.S. Constitution, assuming they actually get together and decide it’s time to act.

From the Convention of States’ website:

1. Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution at any time if 2/3 of both houses of Congress agree.

2. A Convention of States can propose amendments if 2/3 of states submit applications for such a convention. These applications must all deal with the same issue (i.e., limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government).

The Founders knew the federal government might one day become drunk with the abuses of power. The most important check to this power is Article V. Article V gives states the power to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

By calling a convention of the states, we can stop the federal spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and other misuses of federal power. The current situation is precisely what the Founders feared, and they gave us a solution we have a duty to use.

The process for calling a Convention of States is also relatively straightforward, and several states have already passed legislation calling for such a convention.

Essentially, all 33 Republican controlled states would need to pass legislation in their state House and state Senate, then send the legislation to their state’s governor and have it approved.

This has already happened in several states, including Texas.

After two thirds of states declare it is time for a convention, there is nothing congress nor the president can do to stop it from happening. All the states would send delegates to a mutually agreed upon location, probably initially in Washington, D.C. but potentially anywhere in the country, and begin deliberating on what changes should be made and what amendments should be added.

The best part? These delegates are not necessarily politicians, and would almost certainly not be members of the U.S. Congress.

This means they would be able to get a fresh start without the puppet strings of lobbyists and special interests.

While we are still a long way off from actually calling a Convention of States, it is heartwarming to know the Grand Old Party technically has the numbers required to do so if they were to wake up and realize it is time.

Updated August 7: We incorrectly stated Republicans need 33 states. They need 34.

TOP KEK: McDonald’s Under Fire For Adding Bacon To Muslim’s Burgers

The terrorist-associated Council on Islamic-American Relations uploaded a YouTube video allegedly showing bacon added to burgers ordered by Muslims, making the high calorie treat no longer halal.

This so-called hate crime occurred in Alabama, and the individuals who ordered the sandwiches – all 14 of them – are audibly upset in their short video.

“Why, why would somebody?” One shouted. “I’m not sure why,” responded the other.

From WKRG News 5:

The Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Alabama) called the franchise today with the request after the family sent them a video taken yesterday, after they each found a small piece of bacon on each sandwich. Eating pork products are strictly prohibited in Islam.

“Based on the evidence in this incident, as well as the unprecedented spike in anti-Muslim bigotry nationwide, we believe this was an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry,” said Khaula Hadeed, Executive Director at CAIR-Alabama.

A representative from CAIR-Alabama says they also contacted McDonald’s corporate management in order to put pressure on the franchise to provide surveillance of the incident as well as an apology for the employees’ actions.

“McDonald’s should investigate this incident, identify and terminate the employees responsible, and take proactive steps to satisfy this American family’s concerns, starting with an apology,” Hadeed said.

File this one under, “get a grip people,” because come on, it’s fucking bacon.

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Most of us would be thrilled to find an extra hunk of the pricey and delicious meat on our sandwich, especially if we didn’t have to pay extra.

The Council on Islamic-American Relations has been under fire in the past for its alleged ties to terrorists.

As far back as 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared CAIR  a terrorist group, and the group was described as having a “cozy” relationship to the Obama administration. Whenever the slightest injustice is levied upon a Muslim, readers can be sure to find CAIR autistically screeching somewhere nearby.

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Remember, folks, CAIR doesn’t care about women being deprived of their basic human rights in Muslim countries, nor do they care that homosexuals can be executed merely for being gay in 11 Muslim nations.

They are here to protect Muslims from the threat of bacon.