ZUCCED: HuffPo Demands Facebook Purge ‘Emperor Trumps Dank Meme Stash’

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Facebook has completely removed a private shitposting and memes group with over 80,000 members after a Huffington Post writer was the subject of a crude ‘Smash or Pass’ debate, despite the group’s admin reportedly going to great lengths to correct the matter.

HuffPo journo Jesselyn Cook discovered that her image had been posted in ‘Emperor Trumps Dank Meme Stash’ in February by a member, along with the question, “This is going to be a hard one guys. Huffington Post reporter, smash or pass?”

Image Credit: Facebook

User comments, while decidedly vulgar in many cases, were standard fare for the annals of Internet debauchery commonly found in places like 4Chan and meme threads – or the daily barrage of bloodthirsty hatred leveled at Trump supporters, Christians and conservative-libertarians of all stripes – with members attempting to outdo each other in magnifying the perceived paradox of attempting to ‘engage’ with an attractive leftist woman.

God Emperor Trump

According to Cook, she and her colleagues and friends reported the group to Facebook, hoping to have it eradicated – or at least the post itself, with little luck.

However, Hamish Drummond, the creator of the group, asserts that as soon as he was notified of the offending content, he personally reached out to Cook to apologize and let her know that the post had been deleted – effectively picking up the slack of Facebook content monitors and even assuming a reasonable modicum of responsibility for his group.

Image Credit: Facebook

Two months later, Cook says she reached out to Facebook for comment on the bygone episode to include in her forthcoming Huffington Post article, prompting the social media giant to abruptly delete the entire group without warning and with “no evidence provided.”

Given that the incident had been resolved long before, Drummond believes that Mark Zuckerberg’s ravenous censorship machine has eagerly taken the opportunity to silence yet another massive faction of ‘thought criminals’ without due process.

“Facebook seems to bend its knee to the beck and call of leftist media,” Drummond said. “Shutting down pages and groups reduces the connections of ideas and acts as a form of unique censorship, where not only is the person censored, but rather their ability to tell others is dissolved.”

Stop A Commie

“As admin, I did Facebook’s job and more. If Facebook actually cared about the issue and resolving it, they would have investigated the steps I made to solve the issue. I was given a 30-day ‘post-block’ – Facebook did not provide any reason why. I guess this was a way for me to be silenced and not tell my followers.”

In a public statement, Drummond contradicts the content of Cook’s article, slamming it as “fake news.”

“Facebook IS Censoring Opinions/Groups/Accounts and Pages that are right-leaning,” he contends. “It does not matter what Mark Zuckerberg has said in the past few days. He is lying.”

“Honestly, i ain’t even that upset. But i am concerned about the wider-implications Facebook’s actions have as a whole. To me, Facebook’s relaxed attitude to limiting/severing connections between people with the exchanging of ideas or its stance on silencing people who disagree with attitudes and conventions held by Facebook is dangerous. Facebook should not be acting as an arbiter of discussion and conversation, Especially when the ideas are of a large-matter in regards to how society progresses itself.”



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