YouTube Deletes “Murdoch Murdoch” In Latest Alt-Right Crackdown

UPDATE: Murdoch Murdoch made all of its videos private to prevent mass reports from /leftypol/ from having the channel taken down in its entirety.

God Emperor Trump

The latest victim of YouTube’s crackdown of right wing personalities is the popular YouTube channel Murdoch Murdoch, a channel famous for its edgy humor, animated music videos and popular remixes.

The channel took its own videos down on July 21, with users noting its absence on 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook. In the channel’s comments section, Murdoch Murdoch explains that /leftypol/ was planning to mass report the channel to have it permanently taken down.

It is not known what their offense may have been, and it is believed Murdoch Murdoch does have a backup channel, however it appears to be nearly devoid of content and to not have been updated for over a year.

YouTube recently determined that anyone who discussed even slightly controversial topics and happened to be right of center was unworthy of monetized videos, and proceeded to make their videos inaccessible without a sign-in and age verification.

As right wingers, whether they are libertarians, conservatives, “alt light,” or “alt right,” are all equally under target by social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Stop A Commie

If you are not left of center, your channel, page, or profile may be taken down for doing something as simple as posting a meme.

Meanwhile, social media giants readily encourage left wing degenerates to run their mouths about virtually anything, as Department of Memes recently exposed in its article about the perverted YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff. The channel seeks to educate children on LGBTQ issues, and does so by bringing bearded crossdressers on the program to tell children about the virtues of dressing as the opposite sex.

YouTube also shilled for the Syrian refugee crisis, and then promptly promoted a video featuring LGBTQ Americans and Europeans criticizing the West while completely ignoring the anti-homosexual leanings of the Middle East.

Until some sort of class action lawsuit is formed or truly worthwhile pro-free speech competitor arises, there will likely be no end to the censorship by social media giants.



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