Welfare Migrants Are Hiding Under Freight Trains To Get Into Germany (VIDEO)

According to a shocking report from the New York Post, economic migrants are in such a fervor to get a taste of Germany’s delicious welfare funds they are risking life, limb, and property while hiding under trains to gain access to the European nation.

The video quotes a German immigration official, who says in the first few days of August the authorities have already detained 20 migrants under trains, and caught over 100 during the month of July.

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According to the same official, only 20 migrants were found stowing away under the trains during the first six months of 2017.

The crossings are happening near the Austrian border. Migrants are eagerly attempting to gain access to Germany after it has become glorified as an oasis to economic migrants with no skills or money due to its luxurious welfare programs.

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The trains themselves move at a breakneck speed, often over 90 miles per hour, and to make matters worse for the migrants, most of them are only wearing t-shirts in the frequently subzero temperatures.

Germany has become so desperate to catch the migrants they are employing spot checkers to gaze under the trains as they arrive and depart from stations, and use helicopters with heat detecting cameras to detect stowaways from above.

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Blowing away the myth that these refugees are fleeing the Syrian civil war, the migrants are “reportedly coming from Somalia, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.”

According to the video, “Germany used to be a promised land for refugees,” but several months of push back from Germans who are tired of the rapes, assaults, and petty crimes the migrants brought with them this is no longer the case.

“Tougher border controls have led to thousands risking their lives to cross into the country.”

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While most leftists will see this video and give a heartfelt sad react, many on the right who have followed the trail of crime left in the wake of migrants throughout Europe will likely greet this information with a shrug.

It’s about time Germany get serious about protecting its people. We at Department of Memes only hope it’s not too late.



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